Analysis of the Influence of Gene Environment Relations on the Variability of Correlation and Regression Indexes in Crosses between Seed and Seedless Varieties of Grape (Vitis Vinifera L.)

Agricultural University, BG-4000 - Plovdiv, Bulgaria


ROYTCHEV, V., 2006. Analysis of the influence of gene environment relations on the variability of correlation and regression indexes in crosses between seed and seedless varieties of grape (Vitis vinifera L.). Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 12: 7-12

We have studied the effect of gene-environment relations on the correlation and regression indexes of the features quantity of sugars and acids in F1 generation parents of crosses between seed and seedless varieties of grapevine. It was established that the effect of genotype-environment relations on correlation indexes is clearly pronounced in varieties such as Armira, Hybrid 28-13 and offspring in F1 generation of the crosses Super Early Bolgar x Russalka 1 and Hybrid 28-13 x Russalka. The variety Russalka 1 and the cross Armira x Russalka 1 combine high correlation index to unproved genotype-environment effect. The phenotype regression indexes vary by genotype and by year and the effects of the genotype-environment relations are not well-pronounced, which makes possible their use for forecasting the selection of elite forms without consideration to the conditions of the environment.

Key words: genotype-environment, variability, correlation and regression indexes, sugars and acids, crosses, seed and seedless sorts of vine