Financing Cassava Processing among Women in Rural Nigeria to Alleviate Poverty: The Place of Self-Help Groups

Department of Agric. Extension and Rural Development, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria


ODEBODE, STELLA O., 2006. Financing cassava processing among women in rural nigeria to alleviate poverty: The Place of self-help groups. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 12: 115-122

This paper examined the place of self-help groups in financing cassava processing among rural women in Nigeria. One hundred and twenty (120) cassava processors were selected from three (3) geo-political zones out of the six (6) geo-political zones in Nigeria through simple random sampling technique. Four (4) states were selected from each of the three (3) geo-political zones and ten (10) respondents were selected from each state.
Results show that self-help groups play major roles in financing cassava processing. Areas of finance involve mobilization of funds for financing rural development projects, construction of roads and bridges to facilitate the transportation of cassava produce to the urban centres, improvement of the economic status of cassava processors, increase productivity of cassava processors putting their resources together in form of labour, capital management and provision of loans. Identified Self-help groups include "Esusu" groups, Family / Kith and Kin meetings, informal cooperative, group farming societies, social clubs, and church groups.
It is concluded that government and non-governmental organisations should help to finance cassava processors in rural Nigeria to enhance their income.
It is however recommended that Non-governmental organizations as well as church groups should also support the poor in building strong self-help groups rather than providing only welfare support services. They should tap the potential of "Esusu" groups as income producing groups and human labour force.

Key words: financing, non-government organizations, rural Nigeria, cassava processing