Characteristic of Some Productive Indexes of Turkey Lines at the Age of 20 Weeks

Agricultural institute, Hybrid Centre of Poultry Breeding, BG-6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria


OBLAKOVA, M., 2006. Characteristic of some productives indexes of turkey lines at the age of 20 weeks. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 12: 133-143

Thirty female turkeys at the age of 20 weeks from each of the following lines: Super Heavy (SH), Meat Heavy (MH) Layer heavy (LH), Layer Light (LL), North Caucasian Bronze (NCB).
More taken measurements of 9 exterior body parameters with a precision of 1 cm: body length, breast circumference (with a band), breast width and depth (with calipers), keel length, shank length, femur length, metatarsal length, total leg length (with a band). The live body weight was determined with a precision of 10 g. Three principal exterior indices were calculated (in %): stockiness, massiveness and long-leggedness. The Super Heavy line with a live body weight of 10036.70 g and the MH- 8936.67 g possessed the best meat production traits. TheSH birds were heavier than the MH, LH, NCB and LL lines by 8936.67g, 7651.67 g, 7413.33 g and 7073.33 g respectively, at P < 0.001. The study of the some quantitative exterior traits in female turkeys showed a significant superiority of SH over NCB with regard to the parameters body length and breast depth at P < 0.001, of SH vs MH with regard to breast circumference and width (P < 0.05) and of SH vs MH with regard to keel length (P < 0.01). The SH and MH turkeys are characterized by the highest values of stockiness (200.76% and 193.73% respectively) and massiveness (31.59% and 28.10% respectively).
The live body weight was positively correlated to body parameters in the different turkey lines, but at a different level. Live body weight correlates positively, moderately, significantly and highly with breast circumference. The correlation with breast width was considerable in SH (r = 0.71), NCB (r = 0.72) and LH (r = 0.58) lines whereas the correlation to breast depth - in SH and LL lines (r=0.56). At the age of 20 weeks, the selection for higher meat production in turkeys could be performed on breast circumference, breast width and breast depth traits. In lines with higher live body weight and better meat production traits, the keel length correlated positively moderately and significantly with breast width and breast circumference, whereas the femur length -with breast circumference.

Key words: turkey, way of breeding, exterrior, quantitative indication, production quality, index, correlation