Molecular-Biological Analysis of the Parasite Capillaria sp. of the Liver of Barbel (Barbus meridionalis petenyi Heck.) in Lake Ohrid

SI Hydrobiological Institute, MC-6000 Ohrid, Macedonia


L. VELKOVA-JORDANOSKA, 2006. Molecular-biological analysis of the parasite Capillaria sp. of the liver of barbel (Barbus meridionalis petenyi Heck.) z'n Lake Ohrid. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci.,12: 315-319

The analysis of parasites molecular variation has important implications on the taxonomy, phylogenic and population genetics studies. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) can have significant advantages over other morphological, cytological and biochemical methods. The aim of our investigations was a development of molecular diagnostic methods, utilization of PCR for detection of the zoonoses. We investigated presence of parasite Capillaria sp. in the barbel liver tissue in Ohrid Lake.

Key words: polymerase chain reaction, zoonoses, Capillaria sp., Ohrid Lake