Investigations on the Chemical Composition of Pike (Esox lucius L.)

Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Varna, Branch Plovdiv, BG - 4003 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


HADJINIKOLOVA, L. and A. ZAIKOV, 2006. Investigations on the chemical composition of pike (Esox lucius L.). Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 12: 337-342

Both in Bulgaria and in other countries as well, the quantities of pike that are offered are mainly caught in rivers and reservoirs. The interest shown in this species as an object of freshwater aquaculture is expanding due to the good price both on domestic and international market on the one hand, and due to the good growth and high gustatory qualities of its meat on the other. Further to the above the current investigation is aiming to trace out the dynamics in the chemical composition of the body, meat and skin of pike (Esox lucius L.), reared in carp ponds in relation to the age and body weight.
Particular differences in the chemical composition of the body, meat and skin of pike in relation to age and body weight have been proved.
Both in the body and in the meat of the examined fish with progressing of age a tendency for decreasing the quantity of water and increasing that of the dry substance, fats and mineral salts is being observed. As to proteins the tendency is towards increasing of their level in the body from 40-day-old (P0) towards one-summer-old (P0+) age of fish, whereas in the meat the tendency is one of decreasing from one-summer-old (P0+) to one- and two-year-old (P1/P2) age. The modification of the values of the examined chemical parameters in the skin is expressed in the increase of the quantity of water and decrease of fats and mineral salts from one-summer-old (P0+) to one- and two-year-old (P1/P2) fish.

Key words: pike, meat, body composition fat, protein, body size, age