Snail Rearing Extension for Food Security among Rural Women in Nigeria

Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development, University of Ibadan, Nigeria


ODEBODE, S. O. and O. OGUNSUSI, 2006. Snail rearing extension for food security among rural women in Nigeria. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 12: 363-368

Because of geometrically increasing world population, and very low rate of technological advancement and adoption in developing countries, the issue of food security in a developing country like Nigeria has to be accorded due attention. Efforts must be geared towards activities that can provide food for the household and at the same time provide income that could be used to purchase food items for household consumption. Snail production, therefore, has the potential for very high returns on investment with extremely low level of input. This study examined the contributions of snail rearing to attaining household food security among rural women in Nigeria. Three hundred and fifty registered women snail farmers were purposively selected from the six geo-political zones in Nigeria.
The study revealed that snail rearing contribute greatly to household food security by providing food and income to a vast number of households as a result of its potential for very high returns on investment with extremely low level of input. Even the space required for snail is proportionately less than that required for large animals. Moreover, there was a significant relationship between the level of contribution of snail rearing and contact with extension agent (or services). The major conclusion of this study is that women snail farmers contribute significantly to food security in rural household. Extension activities and services should therefore, be improved upon to enhance snail production for food security.

Key words: Snail Rearing Extension, Food Security, Rural Women, Nigeria