Economic Efficiency of Cultivation and Fertilization System on Carbonate Chernozem in Northwest Bulgaria

Regional Applied Science Center, BG-3000 Vratsa, Bulgaria Lom Branch (Complex Experimental Station), BG-3600 Lom, Bulgaria


HRISTOV, I. and M. STAMBOLIEV, 2006. Economic efficiency of cultivation and fertilization system on carbonate chernozem in Northwest Bulgaria. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 12: 369-373

In 1994-1999, a study on the economic efficiency of three tested soil cultivation systems and four fertilization variants in five-field crop rotation was carried out on carbonate chernozem in the area of Lom. It was found that the highest production efficiency resulted from cultivation system O1 (plowing) and organic fertilization T4, followed by the variant with organic and mineral fertilization T2, which was almost equal to T1 - independent mineral fertilization with the same soil cultivation system. The lowest efficiency was reported for the production system with subsoiling O2 in all fertilization variants and fertilization variant T3 with all cultivation systems.

Key words: economic efficiency, organic fertilization, mineral fertilization, cultivation systems