Technological Investigation on Quality and Possibilitiesfor Widening the Production of Market Demanded Oriental Type Tobaccos
MESSAGE I: Technological Investigation on Djebel K 81

Tobacco and Tobacco Products Institute, BG - 4108 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


NIKOLOVA, V., 2006. Technological investigation on quality and possibilities for widening the production of market demanded oriental type tobaccos. Message I: Technological investigation on Djebel K 81. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 12: 645-653

At new conditions, the tobacco sector should completely be subjected to market demands, as regards its volume and its structure. As far as our country is concerned, this means market adaptation of the variety structure of tobaccos grown in the different regions. In this study a technological investigation of the variety of Djebel K 81 has been done, which is grown in the different sub-regions and regions of the origins of &Eastern Balkan" and "Nevrokop", as compared to the mass varieties for these origins. The routine indices for quality specification have been used: the chemical composition of tobacco and tobacco smoke; the spectral curves of tobacco water extraction (Taking of the "image"); the expert and smoking evaluation. In order to prove the authenticity of the results, the data have been processed by using the variation and statistical method. On the basis of the complex evaluation, grading of tobaccos investigated has been done in regions and sub-regions for their origins. It has been established that it will be purposeful to grow the investigated variety of Djebel K 81 in the region of Yambol (the origin of "Eastern Balkan"), and also in the region of Nevrokop (the origin of "Nevrokop" - the sub-region of Yaka), when market demand is greater.

Key words: Oriental type tobaccos, variety of Djebel K 81, quality, chemical composition of tobacco and tobacco smoke, expert evaluation, smoking evaluation, quality index