Comparative Study of the Affinity between the Pepinierka Vine Rootstock and the Dimyat Variety

1 Institute of Viticulture and Enology, BG - 5800 Pleven, Bulgaria
2 Regional Center for Applied Scientific Service, BG - 9863 Khan Krum, Bulgaria


TRIFONOVA, D., and H. HRISTOV, 2006. Comparative study of the affinity between the Pepinierka vine rootstock and the Dimyat variety. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 12: 655-661

The results for the period 1992-1996 from a comparative study of the affinity between the Pepinierka vine rootstock, Bulgarian selection [(Berlandieri x Riparia Kober 5 BB) x Rupestris Marten III-102D)] and the Dimyat variety, under the soil and climatic conditions of Pleven region are presented. The vine rootstocks Berlandieri x Riparia SO4, Shasla x Berlandieri 41B and Ferkal were used for comparison. The studied traits at stratification and rooting had higher values in grafting the Dimyat variety on the Pepinierka rootstock. Grafting the Dimyat variety on SO4 rootstock, during the five years of investigation, led to comparatively high, qualitative and constant yield of first-class vines. The results obtained in grafting on 41B rootstock, used as control, were unsatisfactory.

Key words: affinity, vine rootstocks, grafting, stratification, rootstock cuttings, scion, callus formation, rooting, nursery, first-class vines