25th October – The Day of Agrarian Scientists in Bulgaria

Dear Scientific Researchers,
Leaders, Specialists and Employees,
Colleagues and Friends,

We are just a few days away from celebrating the Agricultural Scientist Day. From now until October 25th we will be eagerly awaiting a holiday that will be celebrated for the first time.

Let us acknowledge the new holiday most appropriately, so that the feeling it gives us can linger on for a long time. I hope we can share that feeling with people around us, and thus rejoice in the occasion together.

We need not only to celebrate the new holiday, but also to impart a meaning to it and build the foundations of a new tradition. Let us differentiate October 25th from all other holidays and make it a long-awaited event. This is crucial for the agricultural science, which is completing its third century of existence.

Let us celebrate not only its passage through time, but also the accomplishment of its mission.  

In the future, agricultural production will be an integral part of Bulgaria’s image, but agricultural science will be a defining element in Bulgaria’s development.

Therefore, considering the upcoming holiday, on the behalf of National Centre for Agrarian Sciences leadership team, please accept our sincere appreciation of your hard work, creativity and high level of professionalism. We thank you for making the agricultural science the intellectual treasure of the scientific field, and an invaluable part of Bulgaria’s scientific potential. Let us all realise that our home country is our most precious “possession”, and that the allotted resources for scientific research - our highest-yield capital investment.  

I wish to all of you health, fulfilling and long-lasting professional career as well as happiness with family and friends.

Assoc. Prof. PhD Svetla Bachvarova
Deputy-Minister of the Agriculture and Forestry
President of the National Centre for Agrarian Sciences
Editor in Chief of BJAS