Effect of Gamma Radiation of Full Fat Soybeans in Broiler Chickens

1 Institute of Animal Science, BG -2232 Kostinbrod, Bulgaria
2 University of National and World Economy, BG - 1504 Sofia, Bulgaria
3 Institute of Experimental Pathology And Parasitology, BG-1113 Sofia,Bulgaria


CHOTINSKY, D., M. KRUSTEVA, Ch. STANCHEV and A. KRIL, 2006. Effect of gamma radiation of full fat soybeans in broiler chickens. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 12: 811-821

The effect of the replacement of soybean meal in the diet of broiler chickens with untreated and treated by 0.35, 0.7 and 1.0 Mrad full fat soybeans upon the intensity of growth and nutrient utilization in the diet has been studied. The replacement of soybean meal in compound feed with untreated and treated by different gamma ray’s doses full fat soybeans decreased body weight of chickens and increased feed conversion ratio during the starter and finisher periods of their rearing. The substitution of soybean meal in diets with untreated full fat soybeans did not change the dry matter in the organism of the chickens. However, the irradiation of full fat soybeans increased the dry matter in the carcasses. Protein content did not change, but a tendency was observed for an increase in fats in the carcasses because of the radiation of soybeans when compared to chickens of the group fed with untreated soybeans. The inclusion of untreated full fat soybeans in diet decrease the retention of protein and energy in the carcasses of the chickens. Irradiation of full fat soybeans with 0.7 and 1.0 Mrad increase retention of protein and energy, as compared to the group of chickens fed on untreated soybean. Trypsin inhibitor levels in full fat soybeans treated by different gamma ray’s doses were not decreased. The results from the slaughter analysis show that the replacement of soybean meal in the diets with untreated and treated by gamma rays soybeans lead to a reduction in the percentage of the Bratfertig and Grill. The investigated physical-chemical indices of meat from breasts and thighs of chickens have not been influenced by this replacement. A slight tendency of an increase of the fats has been observed

Key words: full fat soybeans, gamma rays, trypsin inhibitor, chicken broiler