Effect of Previous Crop, Mineral Fertilization and Environment on the Characters of Some Wheat Varieties

Dobroudja Agricultural Institute, BG - 9520 General Toshevo, Bulgaria


IVANOVA, A., M. NANKOVA and N. TSENOV, 2007. Effect of previous crop, mineral fertilization and environment on the characters of some wheat varieties. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 13: 55-62

A three-year field trial investigated the effect of previous crop, mineral fertilization and year conditions on grain yield, hectoliter weight and 1000-grain weight on 12 T. aestivum L. varieties. The varieties were grown after three previous crops: bean, sunflower and grain maize. Two levels of nutrition regime were investigated in this study. The applied mineral fertilization depended on the type of previous crop: N0P0K0 and N6P6K0 after bean, and N0P0K0 and N10P10K0 after the other predecessors. The factors fertilization and year conditions were decisive for expression of productivity. Mineral fertilization had the highest effect on grain yield. Hectoliter weight was affected mostly by the year conditions and the genotype. The factors variety and environment had the highest effect on the value of 1000-grain weight. The tested varieties had similar values by this index at the two fertilization norms. The role of the previous crop was most evident in grain formation and was insignificant for 1000-grain weight.

Key words: wheat - previous crop - fertilization - year conditions - yield - hectoliter weight - 1000-grain weight

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