The Fusariotoxins Zearalenon and Deoxinivalenol as Natural Contaminators of Some Basic Cereal Components in the Production of Combined Feed

Institute of Animal Science, BG – 2230 Kostinbrod, Bulgaria


VALCHEVA, A. and G. VALCHEV, 2007. The distribution of moulds of genus Fusarium in basic cereals used in production of combined feed. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 13: 99-104

The aim of the present investigation is to evaluate the presence of my­cotoxins Zearalenon and Deoxinivalenol as natural contaminators of the basic cereal components of combined feed in this country – maize, wheat, barley and oats.
A total of 281 samples, including maize 104, wheat 103, barley 39 and oats 35, stock cereals from 2003 – 2005 crops had been evaluated.
More favorable substrates for their accumulation had been maize, wheat and barley, while for oats the presence was established only in some of investigated years.
The average concentrations of Zearalenon for maize vary between 398 and 838 μg/kg, for wheat between 450 and 884 μg/kg, for barley between 320 and 378 μg/kg, for oats between 250 and 350 μg/kg.
The average concentrations of Deoxinivalenol for maize vary between 237 and 372 μg/kg, for wheat between 336 and 678 μg/kg, for barley between 250 and 333 μg/kg, and for oats 250 μg/kg.

Key words: maize, wheat, barley, oats, mycotoxins, Zearalenon, Deoxinivalenol

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