Relative Importance of First Lactation Production Traits on Herd Life Characters in Buffaloes

Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Raja Balwant Singh College,Bichpuri, Agra, 283105, U.P., India


KUMAR, Sunil, M. C. YADAV and R. B. PRASAD, 2007. Relative importance of first lactation production traits on herd life characters in buffaloes.Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 13: 119-126

For studying the relative importance of different first lactation production traits on herd life characters, information on 1753 buffaloes (Murrah, Nili Ravi and graded Murrah) maintained at six military dairy farms of northern India were collected and profit analysis was done based on milk production, body weight, calving interval and prices of feed, milk and calves as well as cost on depreciation & interest on buildings, expenditure on electricity, veterinary cost, labor cost etc.
The third degree polynomial analysis revealed that linear, quadratic and cubic regression coefficients of age at first calving and first lactation period were significant for herd life profit. R2 value of first lactation profit were maximum for herd life milk yield, average milk yield per day of herd life, herd life profit and average profit per day of herd life indicating that selection of buffaloes could be emphasized more on first lactation profit rather than age and weight at first calving as well as first lactation milk yield.

Key words: profit, herd life, coefficient of determination, optimum, independent and dependent variable
Abbreviations: FMLY (first lactation milk yield), AFLMY (average milk yield per day of first calving interval), PHL (Herd life profit) , APHL ( Average profit per day of herd life), HLMY ( herd life milk yield), AMHL (Average milk yield per day of herd life)

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