Degree of Influence of the Lid Angle over Soil Sputtering and Disintegration by a Tiller

Agricultural University, BG - 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


MANDRADZHIEV, S. and D. KEHAYOV, 2007. Degree of influence of the lid angle over soil sputtering and disintegration by a tiller. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 13: 247-252

It is known that the process of soil disintegration by a tiller undergoes two stages - cutting of the cultivable soil layer by the spuds and throwing back the soil aggregates, upon which a great part of them hit the tiller lid. The degree of soil disintegration can be estimated mainly by the working mode of its working organs.
The tiller lid is used as a means for levelling the soil surface. It has been established that 30-70% of the energy in tilling is used for throwing back and additional disintegration.
The lid of the soil-cultivating tiller has a significant impact over the sputtering and disintegration of the soil. Its degree of influence is equal to the degree of influence of the advancing speed, which for the soil sputtering is from 15.70 to 30.22%, and for the soil disintegration - from 27.90 to 28.92%. This influence is bigger than the impact of the working depth and the drum rotation frequency. The form of this influence is close to the one represented by the drum rotation frequency. For this reason, it is an important characteristic feature for the improvement of the technological result.

Key words: lid angle, soil sputtering, disintegration, tiller

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