Mathematical Evaluation of Factors that Influence on the Survivability of Some Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes after Freeze-Drying

Institute of Cryobiology and Food Technologies, BG - 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria


NACHEVA, I. and Ts. TSVETKOV, 2007. Mathematical evaluation of factors that influence on the survivability of some prokaryotes and eukaryotes after freeze-drying. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci, 13: 341-347

The mathematical evaluation of the importance of the factors "regime of freezing" and "cryoprotective medium" on the survivability of probiotic microorganisms of prokaryotic and eukaryotic type after freeze-drying is conducted.
For the first time, the cryoprotective effect of some natural polymeric compounds types, such as rubbers (complex plant oligo- and polysaccharides) is investigated.
It is found that the application of investigated cryoprotectors in optimal concentrations increases the survivability of probiotic microorganisms after freeze-drying. The results obtained, are compared with analytical samples without cryoprotectors and samples including saccharose as traditional cryoprotector.

Key words: mathematical evaluation, freeze-drying, survivability, prokaryotes, eukaryotes

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