Lipid Composition of the New Functional Lyophilized Product "SB-Lyo"

Institute of Cryobiology and Food Technologies, BG - 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria


NACHEVA, I., L. GEORGIEVA and Tsv.TSVETKOV, 2007. Lipid composition of the new functional lyophilized product "SB-Lyo". Bulg.J. Agric .Sci., 13: 635-639

The rich content of fatty acids in the lyophilized symbiotic includes varied specter of short- and medium chain fatty acids, which determines its application range for treatment of the intestines, the pancreas, some forms of lipoproteinaemia and other morbid states, related to fat metabolism. The lipolysis, affected by the applied microbial lipase, results in a release of a considerable quantity of free fatty acids in the lactic acid product, especially those of short-chain spectrum. The comparatively large number of free fatty acids contributes to the increased absorption of available lipids and correspondingly – to the increase in the substrate, utilized by the useful micro-flora in the product. One the other hand, the large share of free fatty acids in the new symbiotic product "SB-Lyo" confirms the favorable effect of the double immobilization, as well as the role of the hydro-colloidal matrix for preserving the activity of the used microbial lipase during sublimation drying and storage of the lyophilized functional food.

Key words: lipid composition, free fatty acids, lyophilized functional food.

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