Technological Investigation on Virginia Variety Group Tobacco. Message II: Technological Investigation on Virginia Type Tobacco from Different Regions of North Bulgaria

Tobacco and Tobacco Products Institute, BG – 4108 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


NIKOLOVA, V., 2008. Technological investigation on Virginia variety group tobacco. Message II: Technological investigation on Virginia type tobacco from different regions of north Bulgaria. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 14: 48-55

The central North and North-Western Bulgaria are the main regions in country for Virginia tobacco production. The soil-climatical conditions allow obtaining filling type Virginia with good quality and in some sub-regions - quality aroma raw. The possibility is established for quality raw production by choice of suitable variety and observing the necessary agro-technical practices. The aim of investigation is comparative technological assessment on introduced and local Virginia tobacco varieties quality from different regions of North Bulgaria. Tobacco is investigated by following quality indexes: tobacco and tobacco smoke chemical composition; physical indexes; spectrophotometric, expert and degustation assessments. The results are processed variation statistical. The grading is accomplished of investigated tobacco on the base complex assessment. The essential differences are not determined in total quality manifestation of introduced varieties in comparison to local. It is established that convincingly the results are better for PVH 19 variety from Opaka and Kozlodui regions in which it should to expand its production.

Key words: Virginia type, quality index, chemical composition, tobacco smoke, physical indexes, spectrophotometric, expert assessment, degustation assessment

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