An Approach for Genetic Fish Groups Identification Using Adaptability and Characteristics of Morphotype

All-Russian Research Institute of Freshwater Fisheries, 141821 Rybnoe Dmitrov Distr. Moscow oblast, Russia


SIMONOV, V. M., 2008. An approach for genetic fish groups identification using adaptability and characteristics of morphotype. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 14: 145-149

Taking into account adaptation abilities of fish at the age till one year and deleting individuals of low survivability from analysis, it is possible to distinguish more correctly groups (strains) by the analysis of complex of morphological characteristics. In that case, the distance between groups at morphological attribute multi-dimensional space increases, the values of canonical correlation increase, discrimination accuracy rises when using classification equations. The discriminant analysis revealed that identification of common carp and rainbow trout strains with the use of stress-resistant criterion, allowed the accuracy of distinguishing to multiple by 1.5, and the distance between groups to multiple more than by 3.

Key words: identification, discriminant analysis, survival, morphometrical characteristics, stress-resistance.

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