Influence of Stocking Density on the Growth Performance of Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout Grown in Recirculation System

Agricultural Faculty, Thracian University, BG - 6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria


SIRAKOV, I. and E. IVANCHEVA, 2008. Influence of stocking density on the growth performance of rainbow trout and brown trout grown in recirculation system. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 14: 150-154

Rainbow trout with initial weight 20.45 g ± 0.05 and brown trout with initial weight 18.56g ± 0.08 were grown in two stocking density 1 - 29 individual.m-3 and stocking density 2 - 57 individual.m-3. Survival of fish was higher at lower density. The growth was significantly reduced at high density (P<0.05 for rainbow trout and P<0.01 for brown trout). Feed conversion ratio was favorable in tanks at low rearing density for two trout species (P<0.05). The influence of stocking density on growth and feeding ratio was higher at brown trout compared with rainbow trout.

Key words: rainbow trout, brown trout, stocking density, survival, growth, FCR

Abbreviation: SD - stocking density; FCR - feed conversion ratio

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