Cellular and Humoral (Non-Specific) Immunity of Carp Stocking Material (Cyprinus carpio L.) Before and After Wintering

Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture, BG-4003 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


ATANASOVA, R. and L. HADJINIKOLOVA, 2008. Cellular and humoral (non-specific) immunity of carp stocking material (Cyprinus carpio L.) before and after wintering. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 14: 251-255

A biochemical characteristic of carp fish stocking material (Cyprinus carpio L.) has been done according to the indices bactericide activity of blood serum (BA); lysozyme activity of blood serum (LA), phagocytic activity (PhA) and phagocytic index (PhI); total proteins (TP) and γ-globulins of blood serum before and after wintering. The studies have been carried out by using two-summer-old (autumn) and two-years-old (spring) clinically healthy carp having a weight of 40 g to 50 g. The relative stability of bactericide activity of blood serum (BA) as an index characterizing carp resistibility during the period of hibernation has been proved. Authentically higher values of lysozyme activity of the one-summer-old carp (Ko+) and of phagocytic activity of the one-year-old carp (K1) have been established. Authentic differences concerning the phagocytic index have not been proved (P<0.05). Total protein level seasonal dynamics expressed in higher autumn and lower spring values has been established. The differences between ã-globulin values of the one-summer and one-year-old carp have been unauthentic (P<0.05).

Key word: carp, blood serum, bactericide activity, lysozyme activity, phagocytic activity, phagocytic index, total proteins, γ-globulins

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