Winter Triticale AD-17-B (2n=6x=42) - a Main Donor of Genes for Short Stem, Llong Spikes, High Protein Content in Grain and Progressing Meiosis Status of PMC

Dobroudja Agricultural Institute, BG - 9520 General Toshevo, Bulgaria


TSVETKOV, St. M., 2008. Winter triticale AD-17-B (2n=6x=42) - a main donor of genes for short stem, long spikes, high protein content in grain and progressing meiosis status of PMC. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 14: 390-396

A new original triticale AD-17-B (2n=6x=42) was developed: carrier of genes for short stem (75-80 cm), incomplete dominant inheritance of plant height in F1 (degree of dominance d/a from +0.41 to +0.54), long spikes (17-18 cm) - inheritance of spike length in F1 was incomplete dominant towards the parental component with longer spikes (degree of dominance d/a from +0.34 to +0.75), high protein content in grain (18-19 %) - dominant inheritance in F1(degree of dominance d/a from +0.90 to +1.09), peculiarities of PMC meiosis - winter triticale AD-17-B (2n=6x=42) had the lowest mean percent of PMC meiosis disturbances (44.66 %), that of the Mexican triticale AD-No 6 (2n=12) (Armadillo) being 55.51 %, considered to be one of the greatest breeding achievements of CIMMYT (Mexico) with high spike fertility.

Key words: triticale (2n=42), donor of genes, short stem, long spikes, protein, meiosis

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