Microbiological Attributes of Instant Iarhana during Fermentation and Drying

1Celal Bayar University, Engineering Faculty, Food Engineering Department, Manisa, Turkey
2Ege University, Agricultural Faculty, Dairy Technology Department, Izmir, Turkey


KARAGOZLU, Nural, Bulent ERGONUL and Cem KARAGOZLU, 2008. Microbiological attributes of instant tarhana during fermentation and drying. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 14: 353-541

In this research, changes in chemical and microbiological attributes of traditional tarhana dough were investigated during an eight-day manufacturing period including fermentation and drying processes. Initial water content and pH value of tarhana dough were 47.97±1.76% and 4.97±0.08 respectively before fermentation process. At the end of the manufacturing process water content and pH value of instant tarhana were 5.8±0.66% and 4.19±0.04 (P<0.05). Total mesophylic aerobic bacteria, coliform bacteria, E.coli, mould, yeast and lactic acid bacteria counts of tarhana dough were 5.55±0.45 log cfu/g, <3 cfu/g, <3 cfu/g, <1 log cfu/g, 3.66±0.27 log cfu/g and 3.44±0.28 log cfu/g respectively, whereas these values were 5.38±0.23 log cfu/g, <3 cfu/g, <3 cfu/g, <1 log cfu/g, 5.38±0.3 log cfu/ and 4.75±0.12 log cfu/g at the end of the manufacturing process.

Key words: tarhana, fermentation, drying

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