Qualitative Evaluation of Land Suitability for Principal Crops in the West Shoush Plain, Southwest Iran

1 Department of Irrigation and Drainage, Faculty of Water Science, Shahid Chamran University, P. Code: 61357-43311, Ahwaz, Iran
2 KWPA, Ahwaz, Iran


ALBAJI, M., A. A. NASERI, P. PAPAN and S. BOROOMAND NASAB, 2009. Qualitative evaluation of land suitability for principal crops in the West Shoush Plain, Southwest Iran. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 15: 135-145

Today’s excessive use of croplands and the resulting damages along with the ever-increasing demand for further crop productions have necessitated the best land management practices more than ever. Due to the current lack of any proper land management practices for West Shoush plain in Khuzestan Province, southwest Iran, a land suitability evaluation study for key productions of the region, including wheat, alfalfa, maize, and barley, covering an area of 41,958 ha was carried out in the region. Using the findings of the semi-detailed soil studies for this area, 4 soil families and 32 soil series in 2 physiographic units was identified. Physiologic requirements of each crop were also determined and rated based upon the proposed method of Sys et al. (1991) and the tables provided by the Iranian Soil and Water Research Institute (Givi, 1997). Qualitative evaluation was carried out by means of simple limitation and parametric methods (Storie and Root Square Method) and comparing land and climate characteristics with crop needs. The indexes obtained for alfalfa, barley and wheat were higher in comparison to that developed for maize. Limiting factors in different crop yield in the region along with climatic variables included soil physical properties, especially its texture and carbonate contents and slope. From the two methods used i. e, simple limitation and parametric methods (Storie and Square Root Methods), the latter(Square Root Methods)produced more realistic results in respect to the existing conditions of the region.

Key words: land suitability evaluation, parametric methods (Storie and Square Root Method), simple limitation methods, land series, wheat, alfalfa, maize, barley

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