Internal Economics of Farm Enterprises: Case Study of Erzurum, Turkey

Department of Agricultural Economics, Ataturk University College of Agriculture, 25 240 Erzurum, Turkey


BIRINCI, A., 2009. Internal economics of farm enterprises: case study of Erzurum, Turkey. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 15: 251-256

Specialization in farm enterprises has been increasing in Turkey due to European Union Grants in last decade. Farmers used to raise animal and produce crops together as mixed farms. This research was carried out to determine internal economics of animal husbandry and plant production farms. The survey has been conducted with 112 farms in Erzurum center district. The factor affecting profitability of animal husbandry farms, and plant production farms were estimated as internal economics. It has been concluded that, the structures of profitable animal husbandry farms were to have a higher percentage of meadow land in farm, farm capital per decare ($), and land per tractor (da). Also, the percentage of fodder crops cultivation area, labor used off-farm, and farm capital in active (%) were significant indicators in animal husbandry farms at the level of P = 0.05.

Key words: farm enterprises, internal economics

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