Breeding Value Estimation on Some Selection Traits of Performance Productivity of Small Pig Populations from the Danube White Breeds

Agricultural Institute, BG - 9700 Shumen, Bulgaria


APOSTOLOV, A. and I. SABEVA, 2009. Breeding value estimation on some selection traits of performance productivity of small pig populations from the Danube White breed. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 15: 276-280

Breeding value estimation was calculated on the basis of mixed-model, Animal model (sire model). The influence of the herd (replacement animals and culled animals), sex and year was studied. The fixed effects (F) of the herd, year, sex and random sire effect (R) were included in the structure of the model. The sire variance reflects ¼ of the genetic variance and is represented as a genetic component of the model.
The phenotypic and genetic parameters of some more important traits of the performance test were analyzed. Genetic correlation was established between the lean meat percentage and the adjusted age rg = 0.439.
The factors comprised by the model significantly reflect the variation of lean meat percentage in the carcass and the age of reaching 90 kg live weight R=0.953 and 0.986.
The selection carried out shows regular superiority of the pigs selected as replacement animals.

Key words: Animal model, phenotypic and genetic parameters, performance traits

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