How to Recognize (Decode) Animal Language

University of Forestry, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, BG-1756 Sofia, Bulgaria


KOSTOV, Y. and V. ALEXANDROVA, 2009. How to recognize (decode) animal language. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 15: 475-477

Combined electronic devices can make a graphic record of sounds, emitted by animals and birds for the purpose of communication, as well as visualize the modulated signal and its constituent parts. It is possible to record the amplitude and frequency, oscilloscopic shape and graphic registration of the signal, emitted by animals. The recordings we made showed that the signals were strictly modulated in the form of a code of sound vibrations, depending on the behavioral response of animals. Thus, sound vibrations provoked adequate electric impulses in the auditory nerve of the inner ear that reached the auditory zone of the cerebral cortex.

Key words: animal language, behavior, decoding

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