Causality Properties of the Energy-Momentum Tensor of the Living Cells by the Low Temperatures

Institute of Cryobiology and Food Technologies, BG - 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria


TSVETKOV, Tsv. D., G. PETROV and P. TSVETKOVA, 2009. Causality properties of the energy-momentum tensor of the living cells by the low temperatures. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 15: 487-493

From the theory and experiment to day it’s known the vacuum is a ground state of the quantum field. It is not just “nothing” but has a rich structure, which determines its possible seeing or virtual excitations, the particle spectrum. At the molecular level with thermodynamic behaviour is considered by any electromagnetic quantum field that the additional boundaries as by the Casimir effect changes the energy of the vacuum and then it depends from the distance between the boundaries, the two parallel, perfectly conducting square plates (side L, distance d, L > d), moved inertial to each other, so that the so-called Casimir force can be calculated theoretically. The Casimir force for electromagnetic field has been measured with great accuracy, proving at its best the reality and non-triviality of the quantum vacuum.
By the calculation of the Casimir effect it has been obtained by the help of the quantum field methods the vacuum by weak gravitation and electric force as a ground state of the quantum fields fulfilled the void space between the boundaries e.g. the empty space between the molecules in the living cells. From the recent consideration of the temporal organization of the leaving cells to discussing the quantization on the foliation in a causality form of generalized quantum field theory we show how the discussion in (Tsvetkov et al., 2005) of a time arrow version of free generalized scalar field theory can be augmented in such way as to include the energy momentum tensor of the quantizing non local generalized quantum field depended of the time-like vector kxµ that determines a Lorentzian foliation of Minkowski space-time in the non local sense.
So the classical thermodynamically model of the living cells can be obtained as a relativistic thermodynamically model by the help of the energy momentum tensor of the relativistic biophysical system called living cell.
By the heat transmissions it is possible to obtain a heat 4-impulse kµ where the 0-component k0 is obtained by heat difference δQ = Φdt and ki = Πidt (i = 1,2,3) where Φ and Πi are the energy and the impulse transmits of the convection way to the local event points for unit time in the Minkowski space-time.

Key words: causality condition, energy-momentum tensor by temporal organization of leaving cells, time arrow, special conform group, non local scalar quantum field on the light cone

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