The Zoobenthos of Eelgrass Populations from Sozopol Bay (Black Sea)

Institute of Fishing Resources, BG-9000 Varna, Bulgaria


UZUNOVA, S., 2010. The zoobenthos of eelgrass populations from Sozopol Bay (Black Sea). Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 16: 358-363

Seagrasses are marine flowering plants typically found on sandy or muddy substrata in the shallow coastal waters. They present à good biotope for associate flora and fauna. Two eelgrasses species are reported for Black Sea - Zostera marina Linnaeus, 1758 and Zostera noltii Hornemann, 1832. The aim of the present paper is to give evidence on the zoobenthos living in the Zostera spp. from the Bulgarian coastal area of the Black Sea. The investigations were carried out in August 2000. Total of 69 zoobenthic organisms, belonging to four groups: Polychaeta, Mollusca, Crustacea and Varia were collected. High values of abundance and biomass were recorded, due mainly to molluscan and crustacean species.

Key words: Zostera marina, Zostera noltii, zoobenthos, abundance, biomass

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