Effects of Winter Wheat Seed Protection against Tilletia tritici on the Grain Yield

1 Institute for Science Application in Agriculture, Belgrade, Serbia
2 ’’Dr Josif Pancic“ Institute for Medicinal Plants Research , Belgrade, Serbia
3 “EKO-LAB“, P. Skela, Belgrade, Serbia


PROTIC, R., G. TODOROVIC and N. PROTIC, 2011. Effects of winter wheat seed protection against Tilletia tritici on the grain yield. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 17: 628-633

The researches were done in the field conditions using three winter wheat varieties and seven ways of seed protection. Varieties are different according to the tillering type, stalk height, leaves’ position, length of growing season, genetic potential for yield and grain quality, and they are PKB-Kristina, Pobeda and Vizija. Variety trial was set up in test field of “Tamis” Institute (2003/04 - 2005/06) in Pancevo using split-plot method with four pro-tection variants with fungicide, plus electronic protection of plasma electrons with positive and negative control. It was determined that the way of seed protection was the factor that has a significant impact on the grain yield. Vizija variety had lower grain yield (6.59 t/hа) than Pobeda variety (7.02 t/ha) and PKB-Kristina variety (7.07 t/ha). The difference is highly significant. Comparing the yield from the aspect of the applied way of protection, highly significant difference between the control (6.61 t/ha) and variants, being treated by diviconazole, difecon-azole, carboxine + tiran and tebuconazole + triazoxine, was proven. Significant difference was not established between variants being treated by diviconazole and difeconazole, whereas significantly lower yield than they had, had the treatment with ed carboxine + tiran and tebuconazole + triazoxine. Significant difference was not establish between them. Treatment with electronic way of protection of plasma electrons showed significantly lower grain yield than the protection with fungicides and it is controlled. In the case of all tested variants, where seed protection was done, significant difference concerning grain yield in comparison to control, was established. Highly significant difference was established between the years when the research was done as well as variety x year interaction.

Key words: wheat, variety, seed, fungicide, grain yield

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