Effect of Supplementation of Probiotic Zoovit in Diets of Calves of Milk Breed

N. Dimova, M. Baltadjieva, V. Karabashev, S. Laleva, Y. Popova, P. Slavova, J. Krastanov and G. Kalaydjiev
Agricultural Institute, BG – 6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria


DIMOVA, N., M. BALTADJIEVA, V. KARABASHEV, S. LALEVA, Y. POPOVA, P. SLAVOVA, J. KRASTANOV and G. KALAYDJIEV, 2013. Effect of supplementation of probiotic Zoovit in diets of calves of milk breed. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., Supplement 1: 94–97


The study was conducted to determine effect of probiotic on performance, health status and hematological parameters of female calves of Bulgarian Brown Breed and Black and White Breed. Calves were assigned to four experimental groups of 10 days age. All calves were weaned on the 90th day. Calves of probiotic groups received 12g probiotic daily with the morning milk. Feed intake, body weight gain and general health condition of all calves were observed per 10 days.
The results showed that there were no differences in feed intake, and blood parameters. Calves fed with probiotic were healthier than the control calves. It was found that addition of probiotic had positive effect on average daily gain in calves of Black and White Breed.

Key words: calf, probiotic, health, blood, average daily gain

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