Anticorrosion Effect of Biofilm Forming by Lactobacillus Strains on Metal Surfaces


Shumen University, Department of  Biology, BG – 9700 Shumen, Bulgaria


Ignatova-Ivanova, T. and R. Ivanov, 2013. Anticorrosion effect of Biofilm forming by Lactobacillus strains on metal surfaces. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., Supplement 2, 19: 83–85


It was proved that Lactobacillus strains constituted biofilms in the presence of different amounts of carbohydrates (15% lactose, 4% sucrose and a mixture of 2% sucrose and 4% maltose). The obtained information was used in a study treating the anticorrosive properties of microbial biofilms synthesized by the latter strain. The study of the corrosive stability of steel samples was conducted on the gravimetrique method. The rate of corrosion, the degree of protection, and coefficient of protection has been calculated. Microscope pictures of the treated steel samples confirmed the corrosive activity. 

Key words: biofilm, corrosion, inhibitor, Lactobacillus sp.

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