Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Maize Yield Response to Nitrogen Rate and Foliar Fertilizing

Agricultural University, BG - 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


KALINOVA ST., S. KOSTADINOVA and A. HRISTOSKOV, 2014. Nitrogen use efficiency and maize yield response to nitrogen rate and foliar fertilizing. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 20: 178-181


Field experiment was conducted during 2009-2012 to evaluate the effect of nitrogen fertilization and new foliar products on grain yields and nitrogen use efficiency in maize. Foliar fertilizer Cereal mix (ME) was jointly applied with biostimulant Amalgerol in doses 3 (A3), 4 (A4) and 5 (A5) L/ha. The experimental design consisted of a fully randomized block design in four replications. The studied treatments were: 1. Control (no-fertilizing); 2. N20P15K15; 3. N20P15K15+ME+A3; 4. N20P15K15+ME+A4; 5. N20P15K15+ME+A5; 6. N30P15K15. Foliar products Cereal mix for maize and biostimulant Amalgerol demonstrated high efficiency under unfavorable climate conditions during maize vegetation. Integrated soil fertilization 200 kg N.ha-1 and foliar top dressing (Cereal mix+Amalgerol) increased grain yield by 31% in average, compared with unfertilized plants. Applying rates N200P150K150 combined with foliar products Cereal mix and Amalgerol significantly improved agronomic efficiency of nitrogen in comparison with soil fertilizing N200P150K150 and N300P150K150. Partial factor productivity of nitrogen decreased with increasing of N rate and did not depend on foliar fertilization.

Key words: maize, AE, PFP, foliar fertilizers
Abreviations: PFPN – partial factor productivity; AEN – agronomic efficiency of nitrogen

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