Inland Aquaculture Development in the Natura 2000 Sites in Bulgaria: Ecological Approach and Aqua-Environmental Measures

1 Sofia University, Biological Faculty, BG – 1164  Sofia, Bulgaria
2 Regionnal Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe – Branch Bulgaria


UZUNOVA, E., E. RADEVA and R. TZONEV, 2015. Inland aquaculture development in the Natura 2000 sites in Bulgaria: ecological approach and aqua-environmental measures. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., Supplement 1, 21: 56–60

The aim of this study is to provide environmentally friendly approach to the development of freshwater farms within the protected areas of EU NATURA 2000 ecological network in Bulgaria. To meet this objective the following tasks are formulated and executed: 1) establish the geographical location of freshwater fish farms to the borders of the nationwide ecological network NATURA 2000; 2) formulation of measures to ensure aqua-environmental work in terms of freshwater farms in the territory of the protected areas in Bulgaria, so as to realise the main purpose of protected areas – conservation and restoration of the conservation status of natural the habitats and species.

Key words: Inland aquaculture, biodiversity, Natura 2000, Bulgaria

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