The System of The Beloslav and the Varna Lakes: An Evolving Water Environment

Institute of Fish Resources, BG – 9000 Varna, Bulgaria


DINEVA, S., 2015. The system of the Beloslav and the Varna lakes: an evolving water environment. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., Supplement 1, 21: 111–115

Lake water to fulfill vital ecosystem functions and to serve human needs is of great importance. Study of the long-term evolution of the Beloslav and the Varna lakes’ water environment has become increasingly challenging because of the significance both for a wide range of environmental and social activities and for a multi-sectoral concern. Monthly and seasonal research approach was applied to long-term investigations of key lake water characteristics that matter to broader issues like environmental protection, public and private regional business development, and stakeholder collaborations. The challenges related to the Beloslav and the Varna lakes imply environmental, social, and economic aspects to be taken into consideration that would result in more effective regulations, incentives, instruments, and investment plans in the region.

Key words: Beloslav Lake, Varna Lake, hydrology, hydrochemistry, long-term evolution
Abbreviations: T – Temperature; S – Salinity; O2% – Oxygen saturation; COD-Mn – Chemical oxygen demand-Mn; St. – Station

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