Behaviours of Consumers on EU Eco-Label: a Case Study for Romanian Consumers

1 University of Gaziantep, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Food Engineering, 27310 Turkey
2 University Aurel Vlaicu of Arad, Faculty of Food Engineering, Tourism and Invironmental Protection, Arad, 310330, Romania


Gokirmaklı, C., M. Bayram and E. Tigan, 2017. Behaviours of consumers on EU Eco-label: a case study for Romanian consumers. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 23 (3): 512–517

EU Eco-label is a relatively new trend for the consumers. Even it has been available since 1978 awareness of it was increased recently. It is probably because increasing of some concerns also around the consumers such as global warming and some other environmental concerns. In this study it was aimed to contribute EU Eco-label and consumer behaviours. For this reason, ideas of Romanian consumers were analysed. According to result of this study most of Romanians are recently hear EU Eco-label from the media, mostly. Also, most of them are desired to pay more if products are labelled with EU Eco-label.

Key words: consumer behaviours; Romanian consumers; EU Eco-label

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