The Effect of Charity Attitude and Economic Condition on the Farmers’ Household Food Security

1Universitas Sebelas Maret, Graduate School, Jebres, Surakarta 57126, Indonesia
2 University of Pembangunan Nasional Veteran, Faculty of Economics and Business, Department of Management, East Java, Gunung Anyar, Surabaya 60294, Indonesia
3 University of Pembangunan Nasional Veteran East Java, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture, Gunung Anyar, Surabaya 60294, Indonesia
4 Universitas Sebelas Maret, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture, Jebres, Surakarta 57126, Indonesia


Hendrarini, H., R.J. Sunarsono, T. Soedarto, E. Nurhadi, Kusnandar and E.S. Rahayu, 2018. The effect of charity attitude and economic condition on the farmers’ household food security. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 24 (2): 206–212

Charity attitude is one of the unique variables identified that owned by farmers in Bangkalan, Madura Island, Indonesia. This research will focus on examining the relationship of charity attitude variable as one of the unique characteristics possessed by farmers in Bangkalan and economic condition on household food security of farmers in Bangkalan. Charity attitude will be one of the novelties of this research in the realm of human resource of agribusiness. The purposes of this study are to analyze the influence of charity attitude on food security of farmer household and to analyze the effect of economic conditions on food security of farmer household. This study will use 337 samples which are processed descriptively. The social ecological model will be the conceptual basis of this research and for testing the three variables this research will be tested using one of structural equation modeling tools called WarpPLS. The results of this study will provide a description of the effect of charity attitudes and economic conditions on household food security of farmers indicated needed for the formulation of farmer empowerment policy in the future.

Key words: food security; farmer household; charity attitude; economic condition

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