Evaluation of the influence of leaf fertilization the productivity and nutritive value wheat on the basis of mathematical-statistical analysis

Gancho Ganchev1, Antoniya Stoyanova1, Velika Kuneva2
1 Trakia University, Faculty of Agriculture, 6000 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
2 Agricultural University, Department of Mathematics and Informatics, 4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Ganchev, G., Stoyanova, A. & Kuneva, V. (2019). Evaluation of the influence of leaf fertilization the productivity and nutritive value wheat on the basis of mathematical-statistical analysis. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 25 (Suppl. 3), 35–41

Object of the present study are varieties of wheat Enola and Illico, their productivity under the influence of the applied fertilization during the growing season as well as nutritional and energy value of the grain. For fertilization with macro and micro elements are used foliar fertilizers Laktofol major and Wuxal Grano. The aim of the study is by two-way analysis of variance to analyze the impact of the factors variety and variations of the treatment on the nutritional value of two wheat varieties, establishing the power of influence on them independently action, and their interaction. According to the two-factor analysis of variance, both the influence of the two factors (variety and treatment options) separately and their interaction, statistically proven at a very high degree of certainty (p ≤ 0.001), is the influence on the grain yield indicator. The variety factor (88%) in 2015, followed by fertilization (88%) in 2016, had the strongest influence on the variation of the attribute. The greatest effect on the CP content of both varieties for both years was reported by Wuxal Grano treatment. For Enola, the increase was 15.5% in the first year and 3.9% in the second year. In Illico, the increase was higher in the second year – 9.1%, compared to the first year – 4.9%. Lactofol treatment resulted in an increase in CP content by 5.6% in the first year and by 1.8% in the second year at Enola and by 7.5% in the second and 1.9% in the first year at Illico. Fertilizer application does not affect FUM, FUG and PDI content in ruminants and DE and ME in non-ruminants.

Keywords: common wheat; energy digestibility; protein digestibility; digestible energy; metabolizable energy
Abbreviations: CF – crude fibre, CP – crude protein, DСF– digestible crude fibre, DEE – digestible ether extract, DЕp – digestible energy for poultry, DЕpg – digestible energy for pigs, Deg – degradability of dietary protein in the rumen, DNFE – digestible nitrogen free extract, DOM – digestible organic matter, DP – digestible protein, Dsi – digestibility in small Intestine, EE – ether extract, FOM – fermentable organic matter, FP – silage fermentable products, FUM – feed unit for milk, FUG – feed unit for growth, GE – gross energy, MЕ – metabolizable energy, MЕp – metabolizable energy for poultry, MЕpg – metabolizable energy for pigs,  NFE – nitrogen free extract, PDI – protein digestible in (small) intestine

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