Impact of some herbicides, herbicide combinations and herbicide tank mixtures on sowing characteristics of winter forage pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Grozi Delchev

Influence of controlled water deficit at different levels of fertilization on the yield of greenhouse tomatoes

Antoniya Stoyanova, Georgi Kostadinov and Milena Moteva

Influence of different doses of mineral fertilizer and the controlled water deficit on the antioxidants parameters in tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum L.) irrigated with a drip irrigation system

Antoniya Stoyanova, Petya Veleva, Elica Valkova and Mitko Georgiev

Morphological and karyological variability of the Balkan endemics Moehringia jankae Griseb. ex Janka and Moehringia grisebachii Janka (Caryophyllaceae) from Eastern Balkan Range (Bulgaria)

Neli Grozeva, Mariya Zhelyazkova, Mariya Gerdzhikova, Milena Tzanova, Dimitar Pavlov, Svetlana Georgieva and Dian Georgiev

Chemical composition, mineral content, “in vitro” gas production and relative feed value of Betonica bulgarica Degen et Neič

Mariya Gerdzhikova, Dimitar Pavlov, Neli Grozeva, Tsvetelina Mladenova, Jivko Krastanov and Teodora Angelova

Karyological study of Balkan endemics Moehringia jankae Griseb. ex Janka and Moehringia grisebachii Janka (Caryophyllaceae) in Bulgaria

Mariya Zhelyazkova, Neli Grozeva and Svetlana Georgieva


Risk working conditions in dairy cattle farming-a review

Dimo Dimov, Ivaylo Marinov and Toncho Penev

Illumination levels in milking parlor in dairy cows freestall housing system

Dimo Dimov, Toncho Penev and Ivaylo Marinov

Influence of different inclusion levels of corn dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS) in the diet of growing pigs on the digestibility of nutrients

Gancho Ganchev, Atanas Ilchev and Krum Nedelkov

Effect of the quail’s productive type on the incubation characteristics of domestic quail eggs (Coturnix japonica domestica)

Hristo Lukanov, Ivelina Pavlova and Atanas Genchev

Primary factors influencing sheep welfare in intensive and extensive farming systems – a review article

Ivelina Nedeva

Adaptation potential of imported Lacaune rams evaluated by haematological parameters

Ivelina Nedeva, Todor Slavov, Veselin Radev, Dimitar Panayotov and Ivan Varlyakov

Egg productivity of XL chicken population

Ivelina Pavlova and Hristo Lukanov

Investigation of possible use of compound feeds with different level of high-protein sunflower meal in broiler chickens nutrition

Nikolay Kyrkelanov, Sashka Chobanova and Alexander Atanasoff

Characteristic of newly created F1 tetrahybrids of the silkworm Bombyx mori L. reared with artificial diet: Basic technological traits

Radostina Guncheva, Panomir Tsenov and Yolanda Vasileva

Morphometric studies of Protostrongylidae’s third stage larvae (Nematoda: Protostrongylidae) found in Helicella obvia in the pastures of Central South Bulgaria

Silvia Kalcheva, Dian Georgiev and Yanko Yankov

Hygienic behaviour and dimensions of the chitin body parts in worker bees (Apis mellifera L.)

Svilen Lazarov and Ivanka Zhelyazkova

Influence of organic mineral supplement MultiMix on the calving interval in dairy cattle

Teodora Angelova, Svetlana Georgieva, Daniela Yordanova, Vladimir Karabashev and Jivko Krastanov

Effect of heat stress on some reproductive traits in Holstein-Friesian cows under temperate continental climate

Toncho Penev, Dimo Dimov, Nasko Vasilev, Jurii Mitev and Chonka Miteva


Bulgarian marine aquaculture: Development and prospects – A review

Daniela Klisarova, Dimitar Gerdzhikov, Gergana Kostadinova, Georgi Petkov, Xiuyun Cao, Chunlei Song and Yiyong Zhou

Effect of cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum) extract on productive traits, economic efficiency and blood biochemical parameters of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss W.)

Georgi Zhelyazkov and Tsvetan Stoev

Growth efficiency, biochemical blood parameters and meat quality of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss W.), fed with supplement of sweet flag extract (Acorus calamus L.)

Katya Velichkova, Ivaylo Sirakov and Stefka Stoyanova

Effect of dietary phytoextracts supplementation on biochemical blood parameters of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) cultivated in a recirculation system

Kremena Georgieva, Georgi Zhelyazkov and Dian Georgiev


Nutritional and amino acid content of stem and cap of Agaricus bisporus, Bulgaria

Nikolai Valchev


Comparative analysis of the efforts in the reinforced concrete of the milking platform in the parallel and tandem milking parlor

Dimitar Georgiev

Express assessment of some building parameters in milking parlors for cows

Dimitar Georgiev, Vanya Dimova, Kancho Peychev and Galina Dineva

Regression analysis to evaluate the effect of pulsation rate on the morphological structures of cow teats

Galina Dineva, Kancho Peychev and Dimitar Georgiev

Constructive layout of a combined planter for complex grass mixtures

Galya Hristova, Manol Dallev, Dimitar Zyapkov and Ivan Mitkov

Design of an energy efficient building equipped with air conditioning system for growing "Kladnitsa" mushrooms

Vanya Dimova, Dimitar Georgiev, Rashko Georgiev and Stoyan Grigorov