Effect of the probiotic BAYKAL EM-1 on some hematological and biochemical parameters and faecal score of suckling pigs

Sonya Ivanova1, Tanya Nikolova1 and Albena Dimitrova2
1 Agricultural Academy, Agricultural Institute, 9700 Shumen, Bulgaria
2 National Diagnostic Research Veterinary Medical Institute, 1606 Sofia, Bulgaria


Ivanova, S., Nikolova, T. & Dimitrova, A. (2022). Effect of the probiotic Baykal EM-1 on some haematological and biochemical parameters and faecal score of suckling pigs. Bulg. J. Agric. Sci., 28 (2), 242–249

The effect of the probiotic Baykal EM-1 on some hematological and biochemical parameters of suckling pigs was tested in an experiment with 15 equalized by breed, origin, piglet age, farrowing sequence and litter size litters. A total of 154 pigs were included into the experiment, 82 pigs (8 litters) in the experimental and 72 pigs (7 litters) in the control treatment. The feed additive, a multi-purpose microbiological product containing a complex of living, useful microorganisms, Baykal EM-1, was added to the feed of the trial group, both to the feed of sows and piglets. The dosage was 10 ml/kg of feed, from the day 8th after birth to the day 35th at weaning of the pigs. On the day 35th, at weaning, blood samples were taken and hematological and biochemical parameters alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and total protein level were tested. Through the whole experimental period, pigs were observed for clinical signs of diarrhea and a faecal scoring system was applied to indicate its presence and severity. A trend for a positive effect of adding the probiotic Baykal EM-1 on white blood picture in suckling pigs has been found, although not clearly demonstrated. Better biochemical status in piglets, consuming multi-strain probiotic (P < 0.01), was established. Elevated above reference values biochemical parameters in the control group were indicative of an existing, though not manifested, bacterial infection.

Keywords: pigs; probiotics; hematological; parameters; ALT; AST; total protein; faecal condition scoring

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