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Number 1

Two species of Pythium isolated from Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Carnation

E. I. Ilieva

Control of Oriental Fruit moth, Cydia molesta (Busk) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) with Synthetic Pheromone Traps

E. M. Staneva

Study on the Properties of Some Pesticides to Stimulate Germination of the Broomrape (Orobanche spp.) Seeds

I. G. Georgieva, H. G. Bozoukov

Potentialities of the Statistical Simulation of a Maize Stand Productivity

R. Rafailov. B. Popetsova, D. Tsarski

Seed Coat Transparency of Maize, Soybean and Bean

A . G. Aladzhadzhiyan, D. A. Khadzhiatanasov, V. Tsh. Georgiev

Estimation of Composition, Digestibility and Feeding Value of forages by Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy.
I. Estimation of Chemical Composition and Digestibility

S . L. Atanassova, N. A. Todorov, D. H. Pavlov, A. K. Hristozov

Estimation of Composition, Digestibility and Feeding Value offorages by Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy. II. Estimation of Energy Value and Protein Value of Forages

S . L. Atanassova, N. A. Todorov, D. H. Pavlov, A. K. Hristozov

Investigation of the Possibilitiesfor Estimation of the Body Composition in vivo

E. Raitcheva. L. Todorova, S. Schindarska

Studies on the Lipogenesis in Sexually Immature and Mature Fowls.
I. Investigation on Lipogenic Enzymes in the Liver

S. B. Cheshmedjieva, L. S. Piperova, G. P. Dimitrov

Studies on the Microflora of Chicken Digestive System

H. Tchomakov, Tch. Kondareva

Seasonal Studies on the Maturity Rate of Female Brood Fishes of Some Freshwater Species

N. P. Kovacheva, A. G. Tsekov, T. A. Hubenova

The Reform of Bulgarian Agriculture - Conception and Problems

R. Popov

Optimizing the Parameters of the System for Spare Elements Inventory Control

G . A. Tasev

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Number 2


Effect of Heavy Metal Contamination on the Rate of Decomposition of Sewage Sludge

E. Filcheva, M.V. Cheshire, C.D. Campbell and D. McPhail

Seed Protein Content and Amino Acid Composition in Species of Tribe Triticeae

N. S. Dinev, L. Stanislavova and I. Stancheva

Animal Science

Effect of Chronic Salt Loading on Adrenal Response to Restraint Stress and on Testes Function

D. Gudev, F. Iliev and A. Alexandrov

Effect of Season on Basal and Stress-Induced Levels of Cortisol and Testosterone in Rams

D. I. Gudev and A. N. Alexandrov

Effect ofEstradiolonBasaland Stress Induced Secretion of Cortisol and Testosterone in Rams

D. I.Gudev, A.N.Alexandrov and I. N.Madjarov

Effect of Stable Strontium in Relation to Dietary Calcium on Metabolism of Macro and Micro Elements in Chicken

V. D. P eltekova and A. D. Alexiev

Studies on the Lipogenesis in Sexually Immature and Mature Fowls. Studies on the polar and non polar lipids in the liver

S. B. Cheshmedjieva, L. S. Piperova, G. P. Dimitrov

Studies on the Lipogenesis in Sexually Immature and Mature Fowls. Investigation on the plasma lipids

G . P. Dimitrov, S. B. Cheshmedjieva, L. S. Piperova

Effect of the Added Enzyme Preparation Kemzyrne to Compound Feed for Chickens Based on Wheat

S. M. Surdjiiska

Effect of Clenbuterol on Carcass and Meat Characteristics in Pigs

N. L. Alexandrova and Chr. Stanchev

Veterinary Medicine

Studies on the Growth and Survival of Campylobacter Jejuni in Bulgarian White Brined Cheese

G. Ionkova and G. S. Zaprianov

Effect of Prepartum Selenium-Vitamin E Injection on Glutatliione Peroxidase Activity and Peroxidative Resistance of Erythrocyte Lipids of Retained Placenta in Parturient Dairy Cows

D. J. Dimanov, S. G.Georgiev, J. E. Mitev and M. A. Dimitrov

Plant Protection

The Occurrence of Pythium in Bulgaria

E. I. Ilieva

Characteristics in the Biology of Phomopsis (Diaporthe) Helianthi in Bulgaria

G. R. Komitova

Influence o fLandscape on Diversity and Size of the Parasite Population from the Ichneumonidae Family (Hymenoptera) in Apple Orchards

A. Z. Atanassov


Study of the Relationship between the Dry Matter and Total Sugars in Onion

H. Manuelyan, Y. Todorov and G. Pevicharova


Study on the Daily Ingestion, Digestion and Utilization of Dry Matter in Food in Pure Breeds of the Silkworm, Bombyx mori L.

P. I. Tzenov

Absorption and Distribution of Lead and Zinc by Silkworm Bombyx mori L. Reared on Polluted with Heavy Metals Mulberry Leaves

P. Tzenov, Z. Petkov, and N. Petkov

Daily Values of the Haemolymph Lysozyme Activity During the Fifth Instar of the Silkworm, Bombyx mori L.

A. Bozchkova and P. Tzenov

Plant Physiology

Inftuence of Scenedesmus R83 Algae Suspension on the Radish Biomass and Their Mineral Content

N. Cherkezov, V. Georgieva, N. G. Kovacheva and M. Balabanova

Number 3

Crop Science

Effect of Presowing Microelement Treatment of Groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea L.) Seeds on Fe and, Mn Uptake by Plants

St. P. Gorbanov

Optimizing the Bulk Density and Layer Height of Curing Unstringed, Bulk Cured Oriental Tobacco

N. D. Menkov and A. J. Alkalai

Plant Protection

Radiation Induced Sterility in the Oriental Fruit Moth, Grapholitha Molesta Busck., (Lepidoptera:Tortricidae)

N. P. Genchev and E. M. Gencheva

The Influence of Some Herbicides on the Quality of Soybean Seeds

I. Stoimenova and I. Stoyanova

Hatching Dynamics of Golden Potato Cyst Nematode Larvae Globodera Rostochiensis Woll

D. Stoyanov and Zl. Trifonova

Reproduction of San Jose Scale (Quadraspidiotus perniciosus Comst.; Homoptera: Diaspididae) in Bulgaria in Dependence of the Thermal Conditions

V. Kazandjiev, M. Tzalev and E. Staneva


Regulation of Green Pepper Vegetative Growth and Fruit-Bearing Capacity with Paclobutrazol

M. Mojecka-Berova and V. Kerin

Studies on seedlingless cultivation of earlv head cabbage by precise sowing

M. A. Mikhov, G. S. Antonova and S.Vulchev

Influence of the Mineral Fertilization on the Productivity of Apricot Trees of a long-term Field Experiment

P. M. Marinov

Vine Resistance to Low Winter Temperatures and its Relation to the Main Agrobiological and Physiological Characteristics. I. Yield Components

S. Dobreva, A. Donchev and T. Slavcheva

Correlation between some quantitative characters of salad cucumber cultivars

S. Neikov and M. Alexandrova

Veterinary Medicine

Isolation of Goose Parvovirus in Bulgaria

M.Ts. Alexandrov, I.G. Ivanov, K.B. Simeonov, S.L. Lasarova, R.I. Alexandrova, L.I. Doumanova, B.I. Gurov and I. I. Chenchev

Structure of mammary secretary sectors in white New Zealand rabbits in relation to their age and physiological condition

S. Tenev, I. Grigorov and M. Stefanov

Diagnostic value of the Q-waves by ECG - telemetry in Veterinary Medicine

Y. Peichev

Electrocardiographic-telemetric and Morphological Studies on Cardiac Disturbances in Sows under Conditions of Technological Stress

Y. Kostov

ECG-Telemetry in Dogs with Special Functions

Y. K. Peichev

Animal Science

Study on the Dynamics of Wool's Growth in Crossbred Type Sheep

I. Stankov, M. Petev and S. Stoichev

A Study of the Microbiological Quality of Sheep Raw Milk

N. Stancheva

Effect of Different Levels of Protein and Amino Acids in Compound Feeds for Growing Carps (Cyprinus carpio L.)

L . Hadzhinikolova, N. Kovacheva, K. Yorov and M. Gadjeva

Influence of Stress with Different Power and Time of Action on Reproduction Performance in Bulls

V. S. Nickolov and E. P. Ivanova

The EfTect of Weaning at the Age of 45 Days on Stress Intensity and Durationin Goats and Their KidsSoil and Plant Nutrition

D . Gudev, S. Alexandrov, S. Popova-Ralcheva and A. Alexandrov

Number 4

Soil and Plant Nutrition

Profile Differentiation of Pb, Zn, Cd and Cu in Soils Surrounding Lead and Zinc Smeltery Near Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

I. Atanassov and I. Angelova

Cotton Irrigation Regime under Conditions of Water Deficit

G. Nikolov

Water-Yield Dependence with Promising Oriental Tobacco Cultivars

D. Yancheva

Agricultural Economics

Price and Trade Policy in the Grain Sector in Bulgaria and Food Security

Dr. P. Mishev, Dr. N. Ivanova and Ts. Tsenova

Food Science

Application of Sodium D-Isoascorbinate in the Production of Stabilized Beer

E. Kovacheva, S. Angelova, J. Kabzev, Y. Popova and V. Ivanova

Extraction of Phenolic Substances from Oak Wood during the Fermentation of Model Solutions

R. Baltadjlev, K. Fartzov and S. Dimov

Algorithm of Hydrodynamic and Diffusive Computing Membrane Apparatuses

St. G. Akteryan

StudyontheExtrusion of Mixtures Containing Wheat Semolina and Steamed Pork Rinds. Part I. Determination of the Possibilities and Conditions for the Extrusion

S. Dragoev, S. Dechkova, S. Danchev and Y. Chalamov

StudyontheExtrusionof Mixtures Containing Steamed Pork Rinds.
Part II. Effect of Some Technological Factors on the Physical and Physicochemical Properties of the Extrudates

S.Dragoev, S. Danchev, S. Dechkova and Y. Chalamov

Crop Science

Assessment of Tolerance to Stress Factors in Breeding Material of Kidney Beans (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.)

D . Genchev

Effect of Plant Date and Rate on Yield and Quality of Rapeseed Grown for Green Biomass

R . Ivanova, B. Yankov and Ch. Yancheva

Early Screening for Drought Tolerance in Cultivated Alfalfa

D. Penkova, D. Nedjalkov and D. Djilianov

Plant Protection

Use of Some Systemic Nematocides for Controlling Potato Cyst Neinatode-Globodei-a Rostochiensis Woll. 1923

Z. Trifonova

Fusarium Species in Melons and Water-melons in Bulgaria Statistics

Y. Karajova, M. Miadenov and S. Moutsemo

Statistical Analysis of Experimental Data with Significant Differences in Their Absolute Values Horticulture

G. Pevicharova and H. Manuelyan

Economic Efficiency from Seed Production Intensification of Pickling Cucumber Heterosis Cultivars and Their Parent Components

W. Soto, M. Alexandrova, D. Kostov and L. Ivanov

Animal Science

Fattening and Meat Traits of Lambs of Bulgarian Aboriginal Breeds

I. Stankov, S. Raichev, M. Petev and S. Stoichev

Kashkaval Durability Predicted by Water Activity

D. Todorova and A. Kozev

Veterinary Medicine

Studies Conceming the Survival of Campylobacter Jejuni and Campilobacter Coli in Ice Cream

G. Ionkova

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