Archive Volume 2

Number 1

Comparative study of semen physical characteristics of Egyptian buffalo and Friesian bulls

E El-Keraby, A. Soheir Fawzy and M. El-Harairy

Breeding value of buffalo sires on some reproductive traits

Tz. Peeva and K.Vankov

Effect of cold shock and freezing on the release of glumatic oxaloacetic transaminase from buffalo spermatozoa

S. B. Cheshmedjieva, Ch. N. Vaisberg and S. I. Kolev

On the lipid composition of buffalo spermatozoa frozen in different cryoprotective media

S. B. Cheshmedjieva, Ch. N. Vaisberg and S. I. Kolev

Effect of different cryoprotective media on the acrosomal integrity of buffalo bull spermatozoa after deep freezing

S. I. Kolev

Effect of different media on the motility of frozen-thawed bull and buffalo spermatozoa

S. I. Kolev, Ch. N. Vaisberg and S. B. Cheshmedjieva

News in buffalo reproduction

A. Borghese, G. M. Terzano, V. L. Barile, A. Parmeggiani, E. Seren, S. M. Soflai, L. Zicarelli, R. Boni and R. Di Palo

Patterns of ovarian activity influencing calving interval of Egyptian buffaloes in relation to season of calving

A. H. Barkawi, R. M. Khattab, M. Enaam Mokhless and M. A. El-Wardani

TheGreek water buffaloes: characteristics and genetic origin

V. N. Laliotis, E. Vainas, A. Vosniakou and A. Georgoudis

Melatonin secretion and puberty in buffalo heifers

L. Kanchev, A. Danev, S. Kolev, A. Alexandrov and P. Deianova

Influence of calving interval on longevity and life time milk production in buffaloes

A. D. Danev

GNRH neuronal system in the forebrain of male buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

J. Polkowska, M. Snochowski, L. Kanchev, J. Baithev and A. Danev

Reproductive efficiency of different genealogical lines in Bulgarian Murrah population

A. D. Danev, A. I. Alexiev and S. I. Kolev

Onset of puberty in buffalo heifers bred on pasture or in intensive feeding system

G. M. Terzano, V. L. Barile, U. Francia, A. Mulfatti, L. Todini and A. Borghese

Reproductive technology in buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)

M. Drost

Ovulation prediction to improve artificial insemination in buffalo cows

V. L. Barile, B. Moioli,G. M. Terzano, F. Napolitano, S. Pupo, A. Debenedetti, A. Malfatti, A. Catalano and A. Borghese

Oestrus inducbon, superovulation and embryo recovery in the Mediterranean buffalo: our findings.

S. Degl'Innocenti, H. N. D. Dikeocha, A. Polisca, R Vescera and M. Rubei

Superovulation, ovum pick-up and in vitro embryo production in Mediterranean buffaloes bred in Italy

L. Zicarelli, R. Boni, G. Campanile, R. Di Palo, L. Esposito, S. Roviello, E. Varricchio and M. Langella

Development of technological regimes for producting biogas from buffalo dung

M. Stoyanov, B. Baykov and A. Danev

Herd management in respect of reproduction in Samsun province in Turkey

Ö. Sekerden

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Number 2

Dr. Ivan Kovachevski, Corr. Member - Eminent Bulgarian Scientist

Crop Science

Studies on Effectiveness of Alfalfa and Silage Maize as Mixed Crop

B. Yankov, C h. Yancheva and I. Dimitrov

Effect of Agrofil on Maize Production

B. Yankov, C h. Yancheva and I. Dimitrov

Plant Protection

Chemotaxonomic Study of the Variability of Orobanche on Tobacco in Four Tobacco Growing Regions of Plovdiv District, Bulgaria

I. Georgieva and A. Edreva

Efficacy of Alsystin 25 WP and Dimilin 25 WP Against the Oriental Fruit Moth, Grapholitha molesta Busks. (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in Peach Orchards

E. Staneva and E. Gencheva

Biological and Economic Effectiveness of Some Herbicides Used in Tobacco Production

S. Kalinova and I. Kostova

Revew of Species of Telenomus hal. (Hymenoptera, Scelionidae) Genus, Connected with Harmful Lepidoptera

S. Petrov


Study of the Harvesting Period of Garden Peas under Bulgarian Climatic Conditions

L. Ivanov, H.Manuelyan and G.Pevicharova


Agrometeorological Methods for Assessment of Maize and Winter Wheat Growth in Bulgaria

N. Slavov, G. Georgiev and V. Alexandrov

Food Science

Criteria for Estimation of the Blending Capacity of Common Wheat Varieties in Testing Two-Component Blends

D. Cheleev, M. Mangova and Z. Arsova


Immobilized Biocatalyzers Designed for Enzymatic Hydrolysis

A. Krustanov

Soil Science

Improving the Crop Water Management on Skeleton Soils and Soils with Horizon Differentiation

I. Christov

Animal Science

Influence of Chronic Immobilization of Pregnant and Lactating Ewes on the Activity of Thyroid and Suprarenal Glands, and on the Nonspecific Resistance

G. Kutsarov, Y. Iliev, B. Bivolarski and I. Tomov

Level of the Alternative Pathway of Complement Activity and Lysozyme in Pregnant Ewes before and after Delivery

L. Sotirov, B. Bivolarski, D. Dzhorbineva and I. Dimitrov

Dependences between Chemical Composition and Energy and Protein Nutritive Value of Maize Grain for Swines and Poultry

M. Simovska

Effect of Temperature during the Fifth Larval Instar on the Values of the Biological and Reproductive Characters in the Silkworm, Botnbix mori L

R. Tzenov and G. Mladenov

Veterinary Medicine

Resorption and Retainment in Gentamicinsulfate and Ultrastructural Changes in Pig Alveoli after Aerosol Application

E. Chaleva, N. Gavrilov, H. Krustev, M. Alexandrov and P. Dilov

Lerneosis on the Carp Diseased by Lernea cyprinaceae (in Bulgaria)

H. Daskalov, A. Ivanov, L. Georgiev and D. Stoykov

Morphological, Cultural and Biochemical Characteristic of Strains Campylobacter Species Isolated from Faecal and Milk Samples in Plovdiv Region Agricultural Technics

G. Ionkova and K. Ivanova

Expert Evaluation of atechnology andtechnological Complex of Machines Designed for Mechanized Production of Bulb-Flower Bulbs

G. Mitev

Guide for authors

Number 3


Problems of Organizational Structures in Bulgarian Agriculture

I. Kanchev and J. Doichinova

Plant Protection

Discussion on Strategies in Methodology of Pesticide Residues Control in Crops

A. Balinova

Fungicides for the Control of Didymella applanata (Sacc.) in Raspberries (Under Conditions of Trojan)

A. Nikolov and T. Spasova

Crop Science

Inheritance and GeneAction for Yield and someYield Components in Bread Wheat Crosses (Triticum aestivum L.) II. A 1000-kemel Weight and Grain Yield per Plant

N. Tzenov


Effect of Monoculture and Crop Rotation on Yield from Seeds of Carnation Chabaud mix

A. Kaninski


Effect of Cadmium Pollution of Soil upon Productivity and Seedling Qualities of Two Winter Barley (H. vulgare L.) Cultivars

A. Vassilev, V. Kerin and P. Atanassov

Food Science

Transferase Activity of β-galactosidase from Aspergillus oryzae in the Process of Lactose Hydrolysis

I. Stoilova, S. Gargova and N. Genov

Cristalization of Calcium Tartarate during Treatment of Waste Solution from Wine Industry

N. Simov and N. Teodosiev

Mathematical Models of Relative Productivity under Ultrafiltration of Skimmed Cow Milk

K. Dinkov

Animal Science

Investigation on the Criteria for Objective Evaluation of the Yellowing Suspectibility of Wool

L. Todorova, E. Raicheva and L. Angelov

Accuracy and Precision of Fossomatic 300, Type 72900 - Somatic Cell Counter

N. Petrova, D. Todorova and N. Stancheva

Study on the Dry Matter in Food Utilization in the Silkworm Bombyx mori L. at Different Rearing Terms during the Spring Season

P. Tzenov

Maturity, Growth and Length-weight Relationship in the First Year of Life of Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus Peters) under Laboratory Conditions

E. Ivancheva, M. Zhivkov, G. Raikova-Petrova and M. Todorov

Effect of Cold Shock on the Lipid-Bound Fatty Acyds of Buffalo Bull Spermatozoa

S. Cheshmedjieva, Ch. Vaisberg and S. Kolev

Behavioral Reactions of Ewes during Machine Milking

I. Ivanov, M. Djorbineva and I. Varliyakov

Veterinary Medicine

Influence of Sodium Nitrate Applied Separately and in Combination with other Compounds on Blood and Tissue Parameters of Rats and Wethers

Ch. Popov, D. Pavlov, M. Popova,, R. Gahniyan, A. Ilchev and I. Bozadjiev

Study of Plasma Level of LH and Testosterone in Breeding Bulls

G. Vassilev and M. Panayotova

Application of Microalgae Preparation Algovit in Stock-breeding and Veterinary Medicine.
I. Application of Algovit in Pigs and Farrows

S. Chervenkov, A. Tsvetkov, M. Malchevsky and L. Purvanova

Number 4

Plant Protection

Mating Competitiveness of Radiation Sterilized Oriental Fruit Moth, Grapholitha molesta Busck., (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

N. Genchev

Plant Science

Relationships between Previous and Direct Nitrogen Fertilization in Winter Wheat Grown after Grain Legumes; Effect on the Grain Yield

T. Tonev

Role of Monoculture and Crop Rotation for Obtaining High-yield and Quality of Orange Cultivar Tagetes (Tagetes erecta) Cut Flowers

A. Kaninski

Animal Science

Probiotics - Past, Present and Future

S. Denev

Effect of Feeding Isoenergetic Rations of Different Protein Content on the Lipogenesis in Adipose Tissue and Liver during the Fattening Period of Lambs

S. Cheshmedjieva and Z. Shindarska

A Study of Steroid Hormone Receptors in Some Organs in Plymouth Rock Cocks

S. Popova-Ralcheva and A. Alexandrov

Evaluation of Some Parameters of Wool Quality and Composition by Near-infrared Spectroscopy

S. Atanassova, N. Todorov and D. Panaiotov

Effect of Temperature during the 5th Larval Instar on the Food Dry Matter Utilization in the Silkworm, Bomhyx mori L

P. Tzenov

Possibility of Selection on Laying Intensity in Japanese Quail (Coturnix Coturnix Japonica)

V. Drbohlav and S. Metodiev

Effect of Clenbuterol on the Concentration of Nucleic Acids in Skeletal Muscles of Broiler Chickens and Pigs

E. Toncheva and H. Stanchev

Effect of the Activated Lactoperoxidase System on the Microflora of Ewe's Milk During Refregeration Storage

T. Dimitrov, S. Boycheva and M. Djorbineva

Influence of Dietary Cadmium and Lead on the Liver Lipid Composition in Growing Lambs

S. Cheshmedjieva and H. Stanchev

Veterinary Medicine

Examining Antiviral Activity of Some New 5-(substituted Benzal) Hydantoins

S. Chervenkov, D. Guirguinov, A. Pavlov and W. Lupke

Influence of Immunostimulation on Some Parameters in Immunological Reactivity after External Gamma Irradiation in Pigs

M. Deyanov and P. Georgiev

Changes in Some Sexual Hormones in Pigs after Total Gamma-Rays Irradiation

S. Georgieva and P. Georgiev

Changes in Some Parameters on Immunological Reactivity of Irradiated and Vaccinated Against Aujeszky's Disease Pigs

P. Georgiev and M. Deyanov

Number 5


Effect of preferential treatment on agricultural trade balance between Bulgaria and European union

P. Mishev, N. Ivanova and J. Lingard

Agrocheniistry and Hydrology

Wheat Fertilizing under Various Nutritive Regimes of Leached Cinnamonic Forest Soil.
I. Effect of Direct Fertilizing Rates and Soil Supply on Sowing Formation

E. Tosheva and M. Petrova

Application of Mathematical Methods for Optimization of the Water Releasement of the Reservoirs for Irrigation

N. Nachkov

Testing of Vermiculite Raw Materials Designed for Amelioration of Saline Soils

S. Popandova, T. Raichev, D.Petkova and A. Alexandrova


Morphological Mutations of Dry Beans Induced by Gamma Irradiation

D. Svetleva and S. Petkova

The Effect of Helium-neon Laser during Irradiation of Dry Bean Seeds

D. Svetleva and A. Aladjadjian


A Method for Determination of the Rate Constant of Inhibition of Cholinesterases by Organophosphorus Compounds

P Ivanov, Ts. Tsvetkov, L. Georgieva and M. Joreva

Animal Science

Influence of an Enzyme Mixture Added to Barley Based Diets on Broiler Performance

K. Benabdeljelil

Studies on the Dry Matter Uilitization in Genetic Sex-limited Races of the Silkworm, Bomhix mori L

P. Tzenov

In vivo Degradability of Feed Purines and Determination of Duodenal Flow of Bacterial and Protozoal Protein in Sheep Fed Orchard Grass Hay

D. Djouvinov and N. Todorov

Effect of Cold Shock and Freezing on the Phospholipid and Cholesterol Content of Ram Spermatozoa

S. Cheshmedjieva, C h. Vaisberg and V. Dimov

EffectoftheDifferent Somatic Cell Count Level on the Production, Fat and Protein in Goat's Milk

N. Petrova, D. Todorova, D. Dochevski and N. Stancheva

Endocrine Changes and Blood Levels of Some Metabolites in Growing Pigs Fed with L-arginine Enriched Diet

A. Alexandrov, S. Popova-Ralcheva, S. Alexandrov, D. Gudev, Ch. Stanchev and D. Chotinsky

Veterinary Medicine

Electrocardiographic Studies in Sows under Conditions of Chronic Stress

Y. Kostov and M. Egbelo

Light and Electron Microscopic Study of Intestine Mucosa after Using of Mobile Bag Teclinique for Determination of Protein Digestibility in Bullocks

D. Guirguinov, N. Todorov and A. Bochukov

Serum Aminotransferases, Alkaline Phosphatase and Lactate Dehydrogenase Responses to Oraj Consecutive Doses of Cyano - 3α - Phenoxybenzyl Pyrethroids on Sheep

M. Abdulaziz and H. Hristev

Susceptibility of Campylobacter jejuni to Disinfectants

G. Ionkova and K. Ivanova

Number 6

Soil Science and Agrochemistry

Classification, Utilization and Management of Gypsiferous Soils

I. Boyadgiev and W. Verheye

Heavy Metal Contents in Leaf Vegetables of Regions near to Zlatiza Copper Mill

E. Miteva, S. Maneva and M. Tsakova

Wheat Fertilizing under Various Nutritive Regimes of Leached Cinnamonic Forest Soil.
II. Efficiency of Fertilization Rates undervarious Soil Supplies

E. Tosheva and M. Petrova

On the Interpretation of Results of Fertilization Agrotechnical Trials

M. Stamboliev, E. Davidkov and K. Dimitrov


Genetics of Leaf Rust Resistance of New Wheat Accessions Developed in Bulgaria

L. Mikhailova, H. Karjin and E. Gyultaeva

Animal Science

Effect of Clenbuterol on Absorption of DL-(2-14C) Methionine and DL-3H-tryptophan in Chicken Enterocytes and Blood Hortnonal Levels

E. Toncheva, Ch. Stanchev, S. Alexandrov and D. Chotinski

Dose-responce of Steroid Receptors in Target-organs of Cocks Treated with Adrenocorticotropin Hormone and Testosterone-propionate

S. Popova - Ralcheva

Studies on the Lipogenesis in Sexually Immature and Mature Fowls.
IV Investigation on the Polar and non Polar Lipids in the Oviduct

S. Cheshmedjieva and G. Dimitrov

Studies on the Lipogenesis in Sexually lmmature and Mature Fowls.
V. Investigation on the Ovary Lipids

S. Cheshmedjieva and G. Dimitrov

Selection Aspects of the Duration of the Period between Consecutive Foalings in Thoroughbred Broodmares

I. Sabeva

Comparative Studies on the Output and Chemical Composition of Two Kinds of Carp (Industfial Hybrid-94 and Scaleless from Plovdiv Distfict)

L. Hajinikolova and Gr. Grozev

Characteristic of Biological Peculiarities and Content of Amino Acids in Trichosporon cutaneum R 57

N. Ivanova and Z. Alexieva

Prediction 200 Days Lactation Milk Production in Sheep on Part Lactation Records

E. Ivanova, S. Metodiev and V. Drbohlav

Veterinary Medicine

ComparativeStudyonthe Morphogenesis of Three Strains of Bovid Herpesvirus-4 (BHV-4)

K. Simeonov, M. Alexandrov and S. Lazarova

Changes in Blood Levels of Some Enzymes and Cortisol in Sows Kept under Conditions of Chronic Stress

Y. Kostov

Tolerance, Subchronic Toxicity and Residues of Lincomycin Hydrochlofide in Pigs

E. Chaleva, P. Dilov, M. Yotsev and A. Jurov

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