Archive Volume 4

Number 1


Genetic Transformation of Tobacco for Resistance to Basta®

V.T. Valkov, R.B. Batchvarova, S.B. Slavov, S.I. Atanassova and A.I. Atanassov

Comparison of Aphid Transmission of Plum Pox Virus Isolates and Purification of Their Helper Components

I. Kamenova, D.Lohuis and D. Peters

Soil Science and Agrochemistry

Extractable Compounds of Fe, Al, and Mn in Bulgarian Textural Differentiated Soils

M. Jokova and T. Boyadjiev

Regulation of Soil Adsorbent Properties in Copper Polluted Acid Soils

T. Raichev and A. Arsova

Aluminium in Mineral Nutrition of Plants: a review

N.S. Dinev

Relationship between Distribution of Manganese and Cobalt or Lead along Depth of Some Bulgarian Soils

M. Jokova

Amelioration of Soils Damaged by Uranium Mining

T. Raichev, P. Gribachev, I. Atanassov, D.Petkova and S. Popandova

Plant Science

Influence of Pre-sowing Laser Irradiation of Seeds of Introduced Flax Varieties for Linseed Oil on Yield Quality

R. Ivanova

Food Science

Study on the Oxidative Processes in Frozen Fish

S.G. Dragoev, D.D. Kiosev, S.A. Danchev, N.I. Ioncheva and N.S. Genov

Obtaining of Brewer's Yeast RNA-preparations and Protein Hydrolysates

V. Sokolov, L. Koleva, A. Koleva and T. Ivanova

Animal Science

Relation between Some Components of Fleece and the Basic Productive Traits in Sheep from North-Eastern Bulgarian Fine Fleece Breed - Shoumen Type.
I. Wool Grease, Sweat and Their Ratio in Unwashed Wool

G. Stefanova and S. Boikovski

Influence of the Feeding Level and Live Weight (Age) on Some Biochemical Characteristics in Lambs of Some Local Sheep Breeds.
I. Post Ruminal Digestion

E. Toncheva and Z. Shindarska

Estimation of Microbial Protein Flow to the Duodenum using Different Markers and of in vivo Ruminal Degradation of Dietary Purine Bases in Sheep Fed Hay and Concentrate in Different Ratios

D.S. Djouvinov and N.A. Todorov

Effect of Some Factors on the Dynamics of Testosterone in Rams at the End of the Normal Breeding Season

A.D. Kolev, E.K. Kistanova and Z.G. Yaneva

Glutathione Peroxidase and Glutathione Reductase Activities from Rat Liver under the Effect of the Synthetic Pyrethroid Deltamethrin

S. Cheshmedjieva, P. Popova, T. Modeva and Y. Profirov

Veterinary Medicine

Relation of Selenium Level in Water on Muscular Glutathione Peroxidase Activity of Salmo g. irideus G.

D.J. Dimanov, V.K. Atanassov, Y.S. Staykov, D.G. Girginov and J.E. Mitev

Agriclutural Technics

Choosing of Appropriate Capacity Machines within Investment Projects in Agriculture

N. Naydenov

Number 2

100 Years from the Birth of Acad. Nikola Platikanov

Acad. Tzeno Hinkovski of 70 Years Age

Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology

Ecological and Sustainable Forage Crop Production: a good agricultural practice

L. Carlier

Heavy Metal Content in the Grapes of Some Wine Cultivars, Grown in an Industrially Polluted Region

V. Angelova, A. Ivanov, D. Braikov and K. Ivanov

Effect of Colloid-Chemical Melioration of Saline Soil

S. Popandova, T. Raichev, A. Arsova, Gr. Jozefaciuk, M. Hajnos and Z. Sokolowska

Usage of Surface, Underground and Waste Waters for Irrigation in Bulgaria

J. Neikova

Plant Science

A Comparative Assessment of the Productivity of Local and Foreign Common Bean Cultivars (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

G. Milev

Development of New Cereal Leaf Beetle Resistant Wheat Lines

K. Kostov

Biological Efficiency of Some Herbicides for Secondary Weed Infestation in Cotton

M. Dimitrova and I. Zhalnov

Effect of Basic Groups of Synthetic Fungicides Applied during Flowering on Technological Characteristics of Grape Varieties Bolgar and Sultanina

P. Botiyanski, V. Roichev and A. Nikolov

Food Science

Laser Detection of Egg Shell Flaws D.A. Cheleev and K. Manolova. Influence of the New Aquapolymers Protolon and Oxylon on the Milling Properties of Wheat

R. Chalukova-Dimitrova, G. Krivoshiev, S. Filipov, V. Slavchev, D. Belorechkov and A. Lyungov

Animal Science

Biological and Nutritive Value of Fungal Protein Obtained by Bioconversion of Wheat Straw

G. Ganev, N. Kojucharova and S. Surdjiiska

Change of Interrelation between Adaptability and General Adaptability Components as a Result of Selection

V. Nickolov

Relations between Some Components of the Fleece and the Basic Productive Traits in Sheep from North-Eastern Bulgarian Fine Fleece Breed-Shoumen Type.
II. Whiteness, Yellowness, Brightness and Volume of Wool

G. Stefanova and S. Boikovski

Possibilities to Alter Nonspecific Resistance Following Stress Exposure in Chickens Fed L-arginine Supplemented Diet

S. Popova-Ralcheva, M. Bonovska, D. Gudev, D. Chotinsky, A. Alexandrov and S. Alexandrov

Influence of Level of Nutrition and Live Weignt (Age) on Some Biochemical Characteristics of Lambs of Local Sheep Breeds. II. Visceral Organ Nucleic Acid Content

E.T. Toncheva

Veterinary Medicine

Comparative Investigations on the Effect of the Preparations Nicalcimag and Calcin on the Mineral Metabolism of Cows

P. Petkov, S. Sabev and Kr. Ganchev

Ethiologic Studies on Calf Pneumonia

A. Kosarov, R. Peshev, M. Alexandrov, P. Kandov and D. Todorov

Agricultural Economics

Study on Feasibility and Financial Viability of Tractor Farming in Burdwan District of West Bengal (India)

Kazi M. B. Rahim and D. Sarkar

Number 3

In Memory of Prof. Dr. Gideon Ziv

Plant Protection

Virulence of blastospores and conidia of Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill. strains against Galleria mellonella L. (Galleridae, Lepidoptera) and Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say. (Chrysomelidae, Coleoptera)

S.A. Draganova

Potato phytonematode fauna in Bulgaria

Zl. Trifonova

Spread of Fusarium sp. in greenhouse carnation by irrigation water

E. Mirkova

Food Science

Eggs freshness determination by means of laser radiation

R.P. Chalukova-Dimitrova, G.P. Krivoshiev and S.P. Fillipov

Effect of preliminary treatment on grape drying and raisin quality of seedless and seeded grapevine varieties

V. Roichev and P. Botiyanski

Cryobiology and Lyophilization

Determination of the bimolecular rate constant of inhibition of cholinesterases by organophosphates

P. Ivanov, B. Georgiev, Ts. Tsvetkov, L. Zhelyazkova and M. Joreva

Animal Science

Using the genealogical group's effect for progeny testing of East-Bulgarian broodmares

I. Sabeva

Fish-farming economic characteristics of hybrid carp Thracia-1

Gr. Grozev, L. Hadjinikolova, A. Tzekov, At. Boyadjiev and R. Atanassova

Effect of Selenium and Vitamin E in the diet on the GSH-px and PREL in whole blood of tilapia fingerlings

D.J. Dimanov, Y.S. Staykov, V.K. Atanassov, D.G. Girginov and J.E. Mitev

Possibilities for waste-heat regeneration in farm buildings using a heat-exchanger ventilation regime

R. Georgiev, N. Delchev and V. Vlashev

Effect of ground flax seed in swine diets on pig performance physico-chemical composition and quality of meat

V. Doichev, M.S. Kirov, V.Y. Katzarov, S.S. Ribarski and P. Petrov

Histostructure of canine prostatic vein

M. Stefanov

Effect of the different Somatic Cell Count on the production, fat and protein in sheep milk

N. Petrova

Yield, composition, properties and technological properties of milk of Zigay and Karakachan sheep breeds

V. Kafedjiev, Ts. Odjakova, G. Michailova and T. Dimitrov

Inheritance of the larval marking character in hybrids between multivoltine and uni-bivoltine silkworm, Bombyx mori L. races

P. Tzenov, Y. Nacheva and N. Petkov

Results from testing of some mulberry varieties and their effect on the silkworm (Bombyx mori L.)

Z. Petkov

Enzyme activities in intestinal epithelium of pigs, treated with clenbuterol

E.T. Toncheva

Comparative studies of plasma lipids in pigs 14 h and 20 h after last feeding

V. Tzvetkova

Veterinary Medicine

Some morphometric and histological analyses of adrenal glands of Starozagorska breed lambs at 4 months of age

R. Dimitrov, T. Dimova and G. Grueva

Thymidine enhanced reactivation of Pseudorabies virus strains in cell culture

V. Hristova

Number 4

Soil Science and Agroecology

Chemical Properties of the Chernozem Soil of Central Backa

P.Dj. Sekulic, M.D. Ubavic and D.M. Dozet

Plant Protection

Relationship between Initial Population Density of Potato Cyst Nematode Globodera pallida Thorne and the Yield of Partially Resistant Potato Varieties

H. Samaliev and R. Andreev

Response of Tomato Varieties, Breeding Lines and Somaclones to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. radicis-lycopersici

V. Rodeva and J. Stancheva

Virulence of a Strain of Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill. (Hyphomycetes, Deuteromycotina) Against Larvae of Leucoptera malifoliella Costa (Lepidoptera, Lyonetiidae)

S. A. Draganova and R. I. Tomov

Plant Science and Horticulture

Influence of the Main Morphological Traits on the Bean Plant Productivity (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

G. Mihova and D. Genchev

Results of Interspecific Hybridization in Prunus Genus

A. Givondov and D. Pashkoulov

Express Determination of Monosaccharide Content in Onion

G. Pevicharova and H. Manuelyan

Giving Digital Expression of the Treatment Differences in Duncan's Multiple Range Test Using the Index of Differentiation

G. Pevicharova

Animal Science

Phenotypic and Genotypic Evaluation of the Buffalo Population Bred in Bulgaria

P. Penchev

On the Problem of Cocoon Colour Segregation in Crosses between Uni-bivoltine and Multivoltine Silkworm, Bombyx mori L. Races

P. Tzenov, Y. Nacheva and N. Petkov

Realtionship between Different Somatic Cell Count and Production, Fat and Protein in Sheep Milk

N. Petrova, D. Todorova and M. Djorbineva

General Productivity and Economical Efficiency of Some Mulberry Varieties

Z. Petkov

Short-Term Divergent Selection on Five-Week Body Weight in Japanese Quail. Selection Differentials

S. Metodiev and V. Drbohlav

Yield, Composition, Properties and Technological Properties of Milk of Zigay and Karakachan Sheep Breeds. II. Technological Milk Properties in Production of White Brine Cheese

V. Kafedjiev, T. Dimitrov, G. Mihailova and Ts. Odjakova

Comparative Study of Yield, Composition, Properties and Technological Properties of Milk of Zigay and Karakachan Sheep Breeds III. Fatty Acid Composition of Milk and White Brine Sheep Cheese

V. Kafedjiev and G. Mihailova

Adipose Tissue Lipids of Fattened Pigs Fed Nutritive Oil Additive

V. Tzvetkova, G. Dimitrov, N. Mihalkova and M. Machev

Influence of Grading with Thoroughbreds upon Growth Ability of East Bulgarian Riding Horse

I. Saveba

Influence of the Diet and Season Alteration on the Cow's Milk Composition and Properties

D. Todorova

Veterinary Medicine

The Morphology of the Ileocaecocolic Region in the White New Zealand Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

A. Serbest, M. Yakisik and H. Erdost

Effects of Sodium Bicarbonate in Lambs Ration on Fattening Performance and Some Blood Parameters

I. Ak, N. Mert, H. Gunduz and I. Filya

Isolation of Yersinia enterocolitica and Related Species from Retail Minced Meat

I. Stefanov and K. Bozhkova

Some Metric, Antidote and Pathomorphological Investigations in Experimental Intoxication with Ochratoxin A and Penicillic Acid in Chicks

St. Stoev

Some Paraclinical Investigations in Experimental Intoxication with Ochratoxin A and Penicillic Acid in Chicks

St. Stoev, G. Angelov and D. Pavlov

Number 5

Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology

Distribution of Nitrogen in the Intermediate Vadose Zone of a Watershed

D. Stoichev, D. Stoicheva, M. Kercheva, A. Lazarov and K. Dervenkov

Arsenic Accumulation and Effect on Green Bean Plant Development

E. Miteva

Behaviour of Chemical Elements in Plant Species Growing in Contaminated by Oil Products Alluvial-Meadow Soil (Fluvisols)

D.N. Dimitrov and I.G. Mitova

Kinetic Study of Fibrous Polymeric Sorbents Regarding Improvement of Soil Moisture Retention

S. Veleva, D. Petkova and V. Angelova

Plant Sciences

Biometric Characteristics of Seed-Buds and Grapelets, Formed after Girdling of Seedless Grapevine Varieties

P. Botiyanski, T. Mokreva and V. Roichev

Ex situ Conservation Practice for Plant Germplasm in Bulgaria

S.D. Stoyanova

Optimizing the Models for Calculation of Sunflower Leaf Area. I. Geometric Parameters of the Leaf Lamina during the Development of Some Hibrids and Varieties

T.K. Tonev and I.I. Iliev

Seed Protein Content of Common Bean Cultivars (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Depending on Biotic and Abiotic Factors

G. Milev and M. Nankova

Early Head Cabbage under Direct Covers

P. Dimitrov and G. Tzekleev

Studies on the Effects of the Using Variety, Fertilizing Level and Blanching Parameters on the Bean Quality

N. Shabaan, I. Manolov, E. Kadhum, G. Pevicharova and Sv. Kostadinova

Carbon Nutrition of Summer Fruiting Raspberry Cultivars - Role of the Stem Primocanes

B. Rangelov, T. Petkov and M. Nesheva

Morphological Studies on Seedlings of Rice Genotypes that are Tolerant/Susceptible to Submergence

L. P. Awasthi, D. M. Maurya and Surendra Singh

Effects of Biomin and Algae Suspensions on Organic Acids and Carbohydrates Content in Cadmium - Treated Pea Plants

St. Kamenova-Jouhimenko, Yu. Markovska and V. Georgieva

Influence of Soil Pollution with Heavy Metals (Pb, Zn, Cd) in the Region of Non-Ferrous Metal Works Near Plovdiv on the Soil and Plant Nematode Fauna

H. Samaliev and O. Baicheva

Studies on the Efficiency of Fungicide Saftray 100 SL and the Possibilities to Combination with Unrefined Grape Seed Oil against Some Fungus

A. Nikolov

Animal Science

Short-Term Divergent Selection on Five-Week Body Weight in Japanese Quail. Selection Effects

S. Metodiev and V. Drbohlav

Influence of Stock Density on the Growth of Carp Fingerlings in Net Cages

Y. S. Staykov, V. Atanasov, M. Cirkovic and J.E. Mitev

Milk Yield, Composition and Cheesemaking Properties of Ewe's Milk Produced from South-Bulgarian Corriedale Breed

I. Stankov, T. Dimitrov, T. Iliev and T. Miteva

Sources for Specific Genetic Effect and Heritability of the Conception Rate and Abortion with Thoroughbred Mares

I. Sabeva

Intrauteric Inseminated of Sheep with Cryoconservated Semen by Laparoscopy

S. G. Boikovski, M. Grozev, D. S. Dimitrov and V. Tzvetanov

Phenotypic and Genetic Parameters of Some Basic Productive Traits in Karakachanska Sheep. II. Heritability estimates and covariation of the examined traits

V. Kafedjiev

Effect of Calving Performance on Some Fertility and Yield Traits in Bulgarian Black and White Cattle

D. Vassilev

Comparative Study on Some Basic Physical-Chemical Traits of Meat (m. long. dorsi) from Buffalo Calves and Calves

K. Dimov and Sv. Kolev

Adaptation and Productive Traits of Crossbred Lambs in the Area of Middle Rhodope Mountain (Bulgaria)

V. Kafedjiev

Veterinary Medicine

Thermoresistance of Listeria Monocytogenes in Milk I. Death and Sublethal Injury at Various Temperatures

R. Karakolev

Number 6

Plant Sciences

Investigations on Fertigation of Peach on Three Soil Types - Patterns of Soil Wetting

K. Koumanov, D. Dochev and G. Stoilov

Carbon Nutrition of Summer Fruiting Raspberry Cultivars - Role of the Root Primocanes

B. Rangelov, T. Petkov and M. Nesheva

Carbon Nutrition of Summer Fruiting Raspberry Cultivars - Transport of 14-C-Assimilates from Root to Fruit

B. Rangelov, T. Petkov and M. Nesheva

Pigment Content in Cereal Crops Grown on Copper Polluted Soil

I. Bogoeva

Influence of Cultural Filtrate from Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. dianthi on Direct Organogenesis of Carnation Leaf Explants

V. Kondakova and E. Mirkova

Morphological Feature of Susceptible and Resistant to Metribuzine Biotypes Chenopodium album L.

V. Nikolova and S. Chipeva

Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Ecology

Effect of Pre-Sowing Soil Deposits of Nutrient Matter Mobile Forms on Wheat Yields

M. Stamboliev, E. Davidkov and K. Tzvetanova

Prediction of Soil-Water Characteristic Curve for a Clay Soil

O. Singurindy and B. Kolev

Assessment of Background Value and Technogennic Deposition of Cu in the Soils

D.N. Dimitrov

Animal Science

The Influence of Different Degrees of Motion Activity during the Dry Period on Some Reproductive and Productive Traits of Black and White Cows

Zh.I. Gergovska, J.E. Mitev, R.I. Otouzbirov and N.A. Todorov

Sperm Production of Young Buffalo Bulls

Sv. Kolev and K. Dimov

Relationship between Transferrin and Ceruloplasmin Genotypes and Dairy Performance in Holstein-Friesian Cattle

A. Teneva, I. Dimitrova and V. Gaidarska

Duration of Economic Use of Buffalo Cows

K. Dimov and S. Kolev

Application of Deeply Frozen Semen through Laparoscopy with Sheep

St. Boikovski, G. Grozev and V. Tzvetanov

Influence of Synthetic PGF2a and Oxytocin on Life Time of Ram's Spermatozoa with and without Sperm Plasma at 46°C

S. I. Kolev and K. Dimov

Possibilities for Intensification of Hybrid Lambs Reproductive Process

V. Kafedjiev

Weight and Linear Growth of Wels (Silurus glanis L.) up to One Month of Age in Aquarium Rearing

A. Zaykov and T. Hubenova-Siderova

Effect of Dietary Protein Level on Growth Rate and Economic Results of Tilapia Cultivation in a Water Recirculation System

I. Georgiev, Y. Staykov, J. Mitev and D. Djouvinov

Electrocardiografic Leads of Horses, Cows, Sheep and Pigs with New Disposition of Einthoven's Triangle

Veterinary Medicine Y. Kostov

Electrocardiografic Data of 12 Cardiac Leads in Cows

Y. Kostov

Changes in Liver of Ducks and Geese Suffered Aspergilosis Having Important Meaning and Connection with Human Health

G. Ionkova, S. Nicheva, L. Belchev, R. Lulov, A. Angelov and Y. Davcheva

Isolation of Yersiniae Species from Wild Swine Tonsils

I. Stefanov

Residual Substances of Aflatoxin B1 in Meat and Liver from Fatted Ducks in Cases of Experimental Arisen Aflatoxicosis

G. Ionkova, S. Nicheva, L. Belchev, R. Lulov and R. Rusev