Archive Volume 3

Number 1

Soil Science

Soil Degradation by Sulphuric Acid Disposition on Uranium Producing Sites in South Bulgaria

I. Atanassov and P. Gribachev


Morpho-Histological Basis of Aroma in High Quality Aromatic Rices

L. Awasthi and A. Sharma

Euploid and Monosomic Interspecific Wheat Hybrids - Cytological Characteristics

N. Tyankova

Plant Protection

Absorption, Translocation and Residues of Oxamyl in Greenhouse Tomato Plants

A. Balinova, I. Balinov and D. Stojanov

Studies on the Efficiency Of unrefined CottonSeed Oil to Powdery Mildew Pathogen in Ornamental Roses Grown under Greenhouse Conditions

A. Nikolov and R. Andreev

Effect of Cucumber Mosaic Virus and Broad Bean Wilt Virus on Pepper Growth.
I. Greenhouse Conditions

D. Hristova and S. Maneva

Animal Science

Prediction of Productivity, Morphological and Physiological Parameters of Different Forage Plants

D. Pavlov, K. Kostov, N. Todorov and S. Atanassova

Cytogenetic Investigation of Bulls Used for Artificial Insemination

I. Dimitrova, A. Teneva and S. Foteva

Studies on the Lipogenesis in Sexually Immature and Mature Fowls.
VI. Investigations on the Lipids of the Egg Yolk

S. Cheshmedjieva and G. Dimitrov

Intrabreed Genetic Structure of the Rhodope Tsigai Sheep Population

V. Kafedjiev

Influence of Genotype, Parity and Year of Farrowing on Some Reproductive Parameters of Sows

S. Belicovski, V. Vukovic and S. Andonov

Veterinary Medicine

On the Evolution of Viral Diseases in Animals

H. Haralambiev

Creatine Kinase in the Domestic Animals: a Review

T. Gueorguieva and I. Gueorguiev

Application of Microalgae Preparation Algovitin Stock-Breeding and Veterinary Medicine.
II. Influence of the Preparation on the Homeostasis in Pigs

M. Malchevsky, L. Purvanova, A. Tsvetkov and N. Cherkezov

Guide for authors

Appendix 1. Soil Map of Bulgaria According to the FAO - UNESCO - ISRIC revized Legend

Appendix 11. Soil Map of Bulgaria According to the Soil Taxonomy

Number 2

Agricultural Economics

Problems and Possibilities in Modelling Farm Organisational Adjustment for Transitional Economies: an Example from Bulgaria

S. Craig Bishop and Keith S. Howe

Plant Protection

Influenceof Nitrogen Fertilizer Dosage on Severity of Rust Disease in Mulberry

K. V. Prasad, B. R. Dayajar Jadav and S. B. Sullia


Lettuce Growth in Relation to Nitrogen Source, Fertilizer Rate and Soil Acidity I. Yield and Plant Mineral Composition

I. Stancheva, A. Arsova and N. Dinev

Plant Science

An Overview on Small Fruits Breeding in Bulgaria

R. Boicheva, D. Djilianov and E. Milanov

Some Differences of the Phenological Phases in Mulberry

Z. Petkov

Food Science

Effectivenes in Vacuum Sealing of Canned Food

V. Slavchev and B. Hadzhiev

Animal Science

Application of Near-infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy for Predicting Chemical Composition of Compound Pig and Poultry Feeds

S. Atanassova and A. Ilchev

Study on the Cocoon Colour and Cocoon Shape Characters Inheritance in F, Crosses between Uni-bivoltine and Multivoltine Races of the Silkworm, Bombyx mori L

P. Tzenov, Y. Nacheva and N. Petkov

Phenotypic and Genetic Parameters of Some Basic Productive Traits in Karakachanska Sheep
I. Sources of Specific Effect

V. Kafediev

Veterinary Medicine

Functional Relationship between Thyroid Gland and Ovarian Activity in Cows During Puerperium

M. Dimitrov, P. Georgiev and I. Penchev

Pharmacokinetics of Cloxacillin Following Intravenous and Intramuscular Administration to Cats

D. J. Dimitrova

Studies on the Catalytic Centre Activity of Cholinesterases

P. Ivanov, B. Georgiev, Y Ignatov, Ts. Tsvetkov and K. Kirov

Phosphatase Determination in Plasma Samples with Different Degree of Hemolysis in Cattle, Sheep and Pigs

T. M. Guerguieva

On Some Functional and Morphological Parameters of Buffalo Bull Semen Frozen in Pellets and Straws Using PG 20 Media

S. I. Kolev

Serological Studies on Distribution of Ovine Adenovirus Serotypes

I. Zarkov, L. Sotirov and I. Nikiforov

Application of Microalgae Preparation Algovit in Stock-breeding and Veterinary Medicine
III. Application of the Preparation in Calves

M. Malchevski, L. Purvanova, A. Tsvetkov and N. Cherkezov

Number 3

Purification of Waste Waters from Wine Distilleries through Methane Fermentation.
I. Determining the Purification Percentages of the Vinasse and the Content of CH 4 in the Released Biogas

L. Udrev and K. Fartzov

An Investigation of the Effect of Aromaforming Yeasts and Enzymatic Preparations with a View of Strengthening the Aroma of White Wine

G. Mihaylova and A. Ayvazov

An Investigation on Press Designed for Obtainment of High-quality Wines by Small Producers

P. Dyakonov and A. Ayvazov

Effect of the Grape Variety on the Extraction of Phenolic Components under Production of White Wines through Maceration

V. Bambalov and K. Bambalov

Wines of Controlled Appellation of Origin Produced with the Aid of Mathematical Models

M. Simov and S. Luchev

Ecological Consequences of the Storage of Sediments Obtained under Wine Demetallization

A. Bozhinov, K. Fartzov and St. Karaivanov

Extraction and Purification of Alcohol from Cyanide Sediments

A. Bozhinov and K. Fartzov

Study on the Ellagitannins and Ellagic Acid in Dry Oak Extracts

M. Marinov and L. Paskaleva

Kinetics of Extraction of Ellagitannins from Oak Wood with White Dry Wine

M. Marinov, J. L. Puech and E. Dimitrova

Carrying-out Malo-lactic Fermentation in Red Wine by Using of Immobilized Bacteria.
I. Regime for cultivating lactic bacteria. A comparative test of the immobilization carriers

M. Sakova

Carrying-out Malo-lactic Fermentation in Red Wine by Using of Immobilized Bacteria.
II. Effect of cells released from the gel on the biological degradation of the malic acid. Role of lactic bacteria activation

M. Sakova

A New Technology and and Istallation Designed for Fumigation of Distillates for Whiskey

K. Fartzov and R Dyakonov

An lnvestigation on the Microflora of Destabilized White Wine

G. Bambalov and Hr. Spasov

Vine Resistance to Low Winter Temperatures and its Relation to the Main Agrobiological and Physiological Characteristics II. Leaf Area, Annual Growth and Leaf Pigments

T. Slavcheva

Inheritance of the Actual Fertility in Cases of Complex Hybrid Combinations between Seeded and Seedless Grapevine Cultivars (Vitis vinifera L.)

V. Roytchev and D. Babrikov

Observations on SporeAttachment of Pasteuria penetrans to Meloidogyne Species Populations from Vineyards in Bulgaria

H. Samaliev

Number 4

Agricultural Economics

Auricultural Supply Response Analysis in Bulgaria over the Transition Period

N. Ivanova, P. Mishev, D. Hallam and M. Tzoneva

Plant Science

Increase of Maize Productivity by Means of Some Dicarboxylic acid Esters

D. Todorov, J. Angelova and E. Karanov

Further Evidence for Position - Specific Effects in the Action of Chemical Mutagens in Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

K. Gecheff

Recurrent Selection for Grain Protein Concentration in Several NE 7060 Line-Derived Segregating Populations of Winter Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

N. Tsenov and M. Stoyanova

The Field Experiment as a Uniformity Trial

D. Dimova

Soil Science and Agrochemistry

The Effect of Nitrogen Uptake and Utilization on the Growth and the Yield Characteristics of Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabis, Malvaceae) in Entisols

Ch. Paschadilis, E. Stavrinos, J. Mitsios and S. Cristidou

Content of Heavy Metals in Cereals of Areas Close to a Copper Mill near Zlatitza

E. Miteva and S. Maneva

Food Science

Effect of Temperature on the Equilibrium Moisture Content of Products of Biological Origin

N. Menkov and Y. Kochev

Animal Science

Estimation of Chemical Composition, Net Energy Value and Protein Value of Perennial Legumes by Regression Equations on the Basis of Days of Vegetation or Accumulated Temperature

D. Pavlov, S. Atanassova and N. Todorov

Evaluation of the Precision of Laboratory Cryoscope CryoStar I Used for Determination of Freezing Point

N. Petrova

Estimation of Rumen Degradability of Forage Dry Matter and Crude Protein by Chemical Composition and Days of Vegetation

A. Alexandrov, D. Pavlov, S. Atanassova and N. Todorov

Study on Associative Capacity of Acrocentric Chromosomes in Pigs

I. Dimitrova, A. Teneva and K. Malinova

About Marketable Sizes of the Freshwater Fishes Tench (T. Tinca L.) and Tilapia (O. Mossambicus Peters) in Bulgaria

E. Ivancheva and M. Todorov

Effect of Clenbuterol on Hydrolase Activities in Chicken Intestinal Epithelium

E. T. Toncheva

Estimation of Topographic Fineness Equality of Woll

D. P. Panayotov

Veterinary Medicine

Comparative Topographic Study on Microhardness of Metacarpal and Metatarsal Bones in Equids (Equus Cabalus and Equus Asinus)

M. Stefanov, S. Chervenkov, S. Gadjev, G. Grueva and D. Vladova

Hematological, Biochemical and Toxicological Investigations in Spontaneous Cases of Mycotoxic Nephropathy (Ochratoxicosis) in Pigs

S. Stoev, I. Kunev and B. Radic

Effect of Aerosol Medication on Natural Resistance of Pigs after Bronchopneumonia

I. Tsachev, G. Koutsarov, Ya. Iliev and L. Sotirov

Number 5

Agricultural Economics

FoodDemand in Bulgaria over the Transition Period

M. Tzoneva, Pl. Mishev, G. Mergos and N. Ivanova

Collective Organization and Mechanization of Greek Agriculture: a Case Study of Cotton Producer Groups

E. Mygdakos and T. A. Gemtos

Plant Science

New Method for Radiochemical Determination of Strontium-89 and Strontium-90

N. Genchev, R. Georgieva and V. Ivanov

Behaviour of Some Systemic Soil Applied N-methylearbamate Insecticides in Greenhouse Tomato Plants

I. Balinov, A. Balinova and V Nachkova

Utilization of Carbon Sources by the Strains of the Beauveria Vuill. Genus (Moniliales, Deuteromycetes)

S. Draganova

Soil Science and Agrochemistry

Possibilities for Increasing the Efficiency of Melioration in Acid Soils, Polluted with Copper

T. Raichev

Animal Science

Development of Transport Systems of Some Amino Acids and Glucose in the Small Intestine of Broiler Chickens

D. Chotinsky, Y Profirov, S. Alexandrov and E. Toncheva

Effect of the Different Somatic Cell Count Level on the Production, Fat and Protein in Cow's Milk from Bulgarian Simental

N. Petrova, D. Todorova, V. Gaydarska and S. Simeonova

Relationship between Body Condition Score of Dairy Cows and Fatty Acid Composition of Milk Fat

J. Mitev, N. Todorov and T. Miteva

Mineral Content and Correlations between Mineral Nutrients in Different Groups Forage Plants

D. Pavlov

Comparative Metric Studies on Metacarpal and Metatarsal Bones in Equids

M. Stefanov, S. Gadjev and S. Ribarski

Evaluation the Precision and Accuracy of Bentley 150 Infrared Milk Analyser

N. Petrova and D. Torodova

Correlation between Physical Characteristics of Some Chemical Elements and Their Concentration in Fora-e Plants

D. Pavlov, S. Atanassova and S. Tchervenkov

Effect of Reaed Fish on Development of Zooplankton in Fishery Ponds

G. Grozev

Veterinary Science

Natural Resistance Peculiarities In Broiler Chicken of Different Blood-Group Genotypes in Batteries and hard Floor

T. Stoyanchev, L. Sotirov, I. Iotova and K. Uzunova

Absorption, Distribution and Elimination of Antibacterial Drugs in Fresh Water Fish Species

L. Lashev, A. Pavlov and H. Hubenov

Testing of Some Autoclavable Media for Cell Culture Growth

E. Veleva, B. Mitov, R. Peshev, R. Bostandjieva, Y. Ivanov and P. Nedkov

Agricultural Technics

Research on Cultivator Tools for Mechanical Control of the Weeds

K. Dimitrov, S. Bozhkov, K. Stefanov, A. Alexandrov and M.Mihailov

Number 6

Soil Science and Agrochemistry

Site Characterization: Site Description, Data Collecting, and Sample Strategies

I. Atanassov

Changes of Chemical Soil Properties under the Effect of Long-term Application of Mineral Fertilizers

P. D. Sekulic

Plant Science

New Results of Wheat Breeding for Quality and Yield in Bulgaria

I. Panayotov

Genotype and Year Effects on Some Spring Malting Barley Traits

N. Przuli, N. Mladenov and V. Momcilovic

Influence of Some Growth Regulators on Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Growth and Productivity

D. Svetleva and N. Popov

Changes of the Productive Capacity of Introduced Flax Varieties for Linseed Oil after Pre-sowing Treatment with Helium-Neon Laser

R. Ivanova

Influence of Magnetron Irradiation on Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) Seeds

A. Aladjadjian and D. Svetleva

Testing of Different Types of Antibiotycs Against Bacterial Contamination in Hydrangea hortensis in vitro

S. Bistrichanov, V. Haralampieva and N. Kaloyanova

Plant Protection

Effect of Population Density on Cyst Production of Globodera rostochiensis Woll. 1923

Zl. Trifonova


Aminoacid Content and Biological Value of Biomasses of Candida pseudotropicalis and Candida blankii Cultivated in Presence of Formaldehyde

Ts. Hristozova, Ch. Katranushkova, B. Tzvetkova, L. Losseva and D. Tuneva

Food Science

Possibilities for Instrumental Eggs Quality Identification by Spectral Transmission

R. Chalukova-Dimitrova and G. Krivoshiev

Animal Science

Changes in Protein Content and Activity of Transaminases AST and ALT in Carps (Cyprinus Carpio L.) after Experimental Treatment with Diquat

At. Chvoynev, A. Angelov, G. Angelov, L. Belchev and Ch. Christev

Effect of the Different Somatic Cell Count on the Macrocomponents in Goat's Milk

N. Petrova

A Striated Muscle in Pars Prostatica of Canine Urethra

M. Stefanov, S. Ribarski and Rafael Martin-Orti

Veterinary Medicine

Mophological Investigation in Experimental Cases of Chronic Lead Poisoning in Pregnant Sheep

S. D. Stoev, V. Manov and N. Vassilev

Demonstration of Bovine Parvoviral Infection by ELISA

R. Bostandjieva, R. Peshev, L. Doumanova and Zl. Dimitrova

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