Archive Volume 29

Number 1

Agricultural Economics and Management

Pesticide tax – The new challenge in Europe’s green tax policy

Nadezhda Blagoeva and Vanya Georgieva

Received: February, 10, 2022; Approved: May, 04, 2022; Published: February, 2023

How does eliminating the use of pesticides affect technical efficiency in Italian farms?

Nicola Galluzzo

Received: June, 28, 2022; Approved: September, 15, 2022; Published: February, 2023


Agricultural Waste Processing Technology and Its Relationship With the Organic Products Industry

Aleksander Agapkin, Irina Makhotina, Vasiliy Karagodin, Aleksandra Utkina, Sergei Kalachev and Assel Izembayeva

Received: August, 06, 2021; Accepted: November, 04, 2021; Published: February, 2023

Agrochemisty and Soil Science

Fungicides in agriculture and their side effects on soil enzyme activities: a review

Anelia Kenarova and Silvena Boteva

Received: May, 11, 2021; Accepted: September, 10, 2021; Published: February, 2023

Increasing the efficiency of mineral fertilizers by their biological modification

Sergey Vladimirovich Mitrofanov, Nadezhda Vladimirovna Orlova, Dmitriy Andreevich Blagov, Vladimir Sergeevich Teterin, Nikolay Sergeevich Panferov and Mariya Mihaylovna Varfolomeeva

Received: April, 11, 2022; Approved: June, 08, 2022; Published: February, 2023

Plant Science

Effect of organic amendments on soil characteristics and maize biomass in a greenhouse experiment

Maya Benkova, Lyuba Nenova, Tsetska Simeonova, Milena Harizanova and Irena Atanassova

Received: July, 30, 2021; Approved: February, 20, 2022; Published: February, 2023

Results from the testing of the new candidate cotton varieties No. 457 and No. 535

Valentina Dimitrova and Minka Koleva

Received: May, 15, 2021; Approved: September, 16, 2021; Published: February, 2023

Adaptation and coping ability of rice farmers regarding the saltwater intrusion along the upper area of sathing Phra Peninsula of Thailand

Pilaiwan Prapruit, Pornpimon Chuaduangpui and Chanisada Choosuk

Received: June, 20, 2021; Approved: October, 22, 2021; Published: February, 2023

Impact of mineral fertilization on the botanical composition and productivity of a degraded mesophytic meadow in the region of the Central Balkan Mountain

Minko Iliev and Tatyana Bozhanska

Received: October, 21, 2021; Approved: October, 22, 2021; Published: February, 2023

Yield and chemical composition of oriental tobacco as affected by biostimulant application

Radka Bozhinova

Received: March, 24, 2022; Accepted: September, 20, 2022; Published: February, 2023

Plant Genetics

Нordein polymorphism of spring barley genotypes from European-Siberian Genetic center by SDS-PAGE Electrophoresis

Nikolay Neykov and Sonya Doneva

Received: February, 08, 2021; Approved: March, 01, 2022; Published: February, 2023

Animal Science

Growth performance, carcass characteristics and meat quality of broilers fed diets supplemented with some dry herbs

Pavlina Hristakieva, Magdalena Oblakova, Ivelina Ivanova, Nadia Mincheva, Ivan Penchev, Nikolay Ivanov and Mitko Lalev

Received: April, 06, 2022; Approved: May, 10, 2022; Published: February, 2023

Features in the topography and morphology of the thyroid glands in chickens, turkeys, and ducks

Р. Yonkova, P. Stoyanova, D. Kanakov and E. Vachkova

Received: September, 10, 2022; Accepted: November,11, 2022; Published: February, 2023

The dispersion of Coleoptera in ecological and conventional farming conditions

Vladimír Langraf, Kornélia Petrovičová and Janka Schlarmannová

Received: August, 06, 2021; Accepted: November, 04, 2021; Published: February, 2023

Insecticidal Potential of Eco-friendly Mycoinsecticides for the management of fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) under in vitro condition

Fazlullah, Shahid Hussain, Muzammil Farooq, Muhammad Naeem Aslam and Naeem Zada

Received: September, 26, 2022; Accepted: September, 29, 2022; Published: February, 2023

The use of probiotics in spring supplementary feeding of bee colonies

Galina Mishukovskaya, Marat Giniyatullin, Dmitry Shelekhov, Airat Khabirov, Elena Smolnikova and Aygul Naurazbaeva

Received: March, 10, 2022; Approved: July, 08, 2022; Published: February, 2023

Sex ratio of the pupal stage in cocoons with different fluorescence characteristics from silkworm Bombyx mori L. breeds and hybrids

Radostina Guncheva

Received: January, 31, 2023; Accepted: February,01, 2023; Published: February, 2023

Study of the effect of pre-sowing electromagnetic impact on the development of primary root system of cotton seeds after different duration of storage. I. Length of sprout and root

Minka Koleva and Kiril Sirakov

Received: January, 09, 2022; Accepted: April, 08, 2022; Published: February, 2023

Food Science and Technologies

Content of total phenolic compounds, anthocyanins and spectral characteristics of Gamza red wines depending on the alcoholic fermentation conditions

Tatyana Yoncheva, Georgi Kostov and Hristo Spasov

Received: August, 10, 2021; Approved: December, 15, 2021; Published: February, 2023

Antimicrobial activity of Lactobacillus spp against Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 65 38

Guetouache Mourad, Ajazi Flutura C., Medjekal Samir and Guessas Bettache

Received: March, 29, 2022; Approved: August, 02, 2022; Published: February, 2023

Agricultural Technologies

Observation of the Vegetation Processes of Agricultural Crops using Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Dobrudja Region

Asparuh Atanasov, Aleksandrina Bankova and Ginka Zhecheva

Received: April, 13, 2022; Approved: September, 07, 2022; Published: February, 2023

Space-Time Modeling and Forecasting Steppe Soil Fertility Using Geo-Information Systems and Neuro-Technologies

V. Pichura, L. Potravka and N. Stratichuk

Received: April, 14, 2022; Accepted: September, 19, 2022; Published: February, 2023

Improvement of the technological scheme of the implement for strip overseeding of grass seeds and selection of a combined tillage tool for leveling the soil in the strip and seeding

Yuri Polichshuk, Alexei Derepaskin, Yuri Binyukov, Nickolai Laptev and Artem Komarov

Number 2

Agricultural Economics and Management

Willingness to adopt and disseminate projects related to the “twin transition” on an area. The farmer’s perspective

M. Lanfranchi, C. Giannetto, V. Dimitrova and A. De Pascale

Received: February, 21, 2023; Approved: March, 16, 2023; Published: April, 2023 

Perspectives of agricultural cooperatives re-development after Covid 19 pandemic in Slovakia

Denisa Gajdová

Received: February, 11, 2022; Approved: September, 12, 2022; Published: April, 2023

Sustainable agricultural policy strategy through increasing food crop productivity in Indonesia

Hary Satrya Wanto

Received: June, 17, 2022; Approved: January, 17, 2023; Published: April, 2023

Economy and diversity of aquaculture production in Bulgaria: status and trends

Eliza Uzunova, Javor Markov, Angelina Ivanova, Stanka Delcheva and Tania Hubenova

Received: August, 17, 2021; Approved: November, 10, 2021; Published: April, 2023

Production efficiency estimation of Kosovo beef fattening farms

Arben Musliu, Behlul Behluli, Blenda Fazliu, Yllka Dibrani, Shpend Kokolli and Leonart Gashi

Received: December, 16, 2022; Approved: March, 24, 2023; Published: April, 2023

The Bulgarian model of land ownership: the “white plot” phenomenon

Angel Sarov and Diana Kopeva

Received: April, 13, 2022; Approved: June, 15, 2022; Published: April, 2023


Using phytoplankton as a tool for evaluating changes in the ecological status of two Bulgarian reservoirs (2020–2021)

Kostadin Dochin

Received: July, 20, 2022; Approved: November, 14, 2022; Published: April, 2023

Agrochemisty and Soil Science

Factors controlling water-stable macroaggregation of Kastanozems exposed to water erosion

Gergana Kuncheva, Milena Kercheva, Evgeni Enchev, Tsvetina Paparkova and Viktor Kolchakov

Received: September, 17, 2021; Approved: October, 10, 2021; Published: April, 2023

Plant Science

Use of the preparation based on solanum nigrum as a potato yield stimulator

I. Аnikina and K. Issayeva

Received: September, 13, 2021; Approved: December, 13, 2021; Published: April, 2023

Nitrogen use efficiency and yield of broccoli crop fertilized with compost and synthetic fertilizer in arid region of Morocco

Kaoutar Aouass and Lahcen Kenny

Received: February, 06, 2022; Approved: November, 25, 2022; Published: April, 2023

Composition of gluten proteins of hexaploid triticale varieties from different origin

Sonya Doneva, Hristo Stoyanov and Nikolay Neykov

Received: December, 12, 2021; Approved: February, 25, 2022; Published: April, 2023

Influence of economically important diseases and pests on the yield of pepper varieties and breeding lines (Capsicum annuum L.) grown in organic conditions

Penka Filyova, Vinelina Yankova and Velichka Todorova

Received: May, 15, 2022; Approved: May, 25, 2022; Published: April, 2023

Agronomic response of maize hybrids to foliar fertilization with nanosized zinc hydroxy nitrate

E. Kolentsova, A. Mitkov, N. Nguyen, T. Tonev, K. Ivanov

Received: August, 31, 2021; Approved: November, 23, 2021; Published: April, 2023

Influence of irrigation in different phenophases on the chemical composition of soybean grains

Mariya Sabeva, Alexander Matev, Katya Uzundzhalieva, Stanislav Stamatov, Zlatina Ur, Bilyana Harizanova-Petrova, Radost Petrova and Nikolay Minev

Received: February, 17, 2023; Approved: February, 27, 2022; Published: April, 2023

Fatty acids composition and physical characteristics of chickpea seeds

Liana Relina, Oleh Suprun, Liubov Kobyzeva, Olha Vazhenina, Valeriia Kolomatska, Olha Bezuhla, Nina Ilchenko and Liudmyla Vecherska

Received: February, 08, 2022; Approved: August, 16, 2022; Published: April , 2023

Plant Genetics

Dwarfing gene Rht4 and its effects on key agronomic and coleoptile traits in bread wheat

Cigdem Cicek Bulguroglu, Fatma Aykut Tonk, Deniz Istipliler and Muzaffer Tosun

Received: February, 23, 2022; Approved: July, 22, 2022; Published: April, 2023

Morpho-agronomic assessment of genetic diversity among rye accessions using multivariate analyses

G. Desheva and E. Valchinova

Received: August, 27, 2021; Approved: November, 24, 2021; Published: April, 2023

Plant Protection

Study on the chemical composition of alfalfa varieties attacked by Uromyces striatus Schroter

Iliana Ivanova, Diana Marinova, Daniela Kertikova and Anna Ilieva

Received: August, 10, 2021; Approved: December, 09, 2021; Published: April, 2023

Animal Science

Effect of birth type on slaughter characteristics of Ile-de-France lambs

Evgeniya Achkakanova and Ivan G. Penchev

Received: February, 02, 2023; Approved: February, 22, 2023; Published: April, 2023

Partial replacement of maize by root and leaf meal of cassava in diets of laying hens

Tran Thi Hoan and Tu Quang Hien

Received: July, 10, 2022; Approved: August, 05, 2022; Published: April, 2023

Received: October, 08, 2022; Approved: December, 10, 2022; Published: April, 2023

Animal Genetics

Genetic markers associated to improving prolificacy of sheep. A review

Radena Nenova, Ivona Dimitrova, Nevyana Stancheva, Milena Bozhilova-Sakova, Todor Tzonev and Tanya Minkova

Received: October, 08, 2022; Approved: December, 10, 2022; Published: April, 2023

Genetic variability in myostatin (MSTN) and ryanodine (RYR1) receptor genes in crossbred pigs Youna x Pietrain

Radostina Stoykova-Grigorova, Katerina Stefanova and Milena Bozhilova-Sakova

Received: November, 09, 2021; Approved: March, 10, 2022; Published: April , 2023

A new approach for processing and use of sunflower meal

Krum V. Nedelkov

Received: April, 08, 2023; Approved: April, 18, 2023; Published: April, 2023

Food Science and Technologies

Influence of the breed on the physicochemical characteristics, fatty acid composition of sheep’s milk and consumption of biologically active and trans fatty acids in the Rhodopes

Tsonka Odzhakova and Silviya Ivanova

Received: January, 09, 2023; Approved: January, 18, 2023; Published: April, 2023