Archive Volume 30

Number 1


The assessment of the development of grain production in ensuring food security in Azerbaijan

Ramina Mustafayeva, Yegana Abbasova, Ruhiyya Qambarova and Zenfira Bayramova

Received: November, 10, 2022; Approved: May, 06, 2023; Published: February, 2024

Optimizing data collection in precision agriculture – comparing remote sensing and in situ analyses

Endalkachew Abebe Kebede, Silviya Vasileva, Bozhidar Ivanov, Orhan Dengiz and Bojin Bojinov

Received: March, 11, 2023; Approved: May, 05, 2023; Published: February, 2024

Building appropriate strategy for improving the capabilities of agricultural extension services in Indonesia

Helvi Yanfika, Indah listiana, Kordiyana K. Rangga, Sumaryo Gitosaputro, Dame Trully Gultom and Indah Nurmayasari

Received: May, 01, 2023; Approved: August, 23, 2023; Published: February, 2024


Feeding strategies to reduce methane emissions: A review

Krum Nedelkov, Teodora Angelova, Jivko Krastanov and Milena Mihaylova

Received: August, 17, 2023; Approved: October, 19, 2023; Published: February, 2024


Biochemical assessment of the tolerance to soil drought of Virginia tobacco varieties

Marina Drumeva-Yoncheva, Elena Shopova, Bistra Mihailova, Dessislava Todorova, Iskren Sergiev and Yonko Yonchev

Received: November, 29, 2022; Approved: February, 10, 2023; Published: February, 2024

Effects of rainfall on selected soil physico-chemical properties of marginal soil cultivated with MD2 pineapple crop

Hasmah Mohidin, Mohd Yazid Mohd Anas Khan, Azlina Narawi, Khairul Fikri Tamrin, Azilawati Banchit, Rosmiyati Hasni, Radziah Jack, Syahira Jos and Sulaiman Man

Received: April, 04, 2022; Approved: September, 19, 2023; Published: February, 2024


Development of plant genetic resources’ collections and associated passport information through bilateral projects between Bulgaria and China

Nikolaya Velcheva

Received: August, 28, 2022; Approved: October, 03, 2022; Published: February, 2024


Inhibitory mechanism of Citrus sinensis L. osbeck peel extract against the growth of Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc. pathogen causing stem rot disease in peanut plants

Janeka Safitri, Abdul Latief Abadi, Anton Muhibuddin and Liliek Sulistyowati

Received: September, 11, 2022; Approved: December, 19, 2022; Published: February, 2024

Genetic variation, heritability and genetic advance of eggplant accessions (Solanum spp.)

Nusrat Tsemah Afful, Daniel Nyadanu, Richard Akromah, Harry Mensah Amoatey and Clement Annor

Received: July, 29, 2022; Approved: February, 15, 2023; Published: February, 2024

Productive possibilities of new lines of Burley Tobacco

Yovko Dyulgerski

Received: September, 24, 2022; Approved: October, 03, 2022; Published: February, 2024

Mutation breeding in underutilized cereal crops: a review

Ramadhani Kurnia Adhi, Warid Ali Qosim, Meddy Rachmadi and Farida Damayanti

Received: November, 06, 2022; Approved: December, 12, 2022; Published: February, 2024

Grain yield and yield-related traits of hulled and hull-less spring barley accessions

Nikolay Dyulgerov and Boryana Dyulgerova

Received: October, 11, 2022; Approved: April, 19, 2023; Published: February, 2024

Physical and mechanical characteristics of grain and seeds

Bozhidar Kolev and Miroslav Mihaylov

Received: March, 12, 2023; Approved: June, 14, 2023; Published: February, 2024


Attitude of consumers towards the possibility of avoiding the culling of male layer-type chickens: a survey on the acceptability of the derived meat products

Evgeni Petkov, Krasimir Dimov, Teodora Popova and Maya Ignatova

Received: November, 14, 2023; Approved: November, 20, 2023; Published: February, 2024


Nutritional value and antioxidant activity of sprouts from seeds of Carica papaya – their benefits for broiler nutrition

Wike Winarti, Turrini Yudiarti, Endang Widiastuti, Hanny Indrat Wahyuni, Tri Agus Sartono and Sugiharto Sugiharto

Received: August, 10, 2022; Approved: November, 20, 2022; Published: February, 2024

Influence of the addition of milk thistle extract (Silybum marianum Gaertn) in compound feeds for fattening pigs on the biochemical indexes of blood and gain

Radena Nenova, Stanimir Enchev and Veselin Ivanov

Received: November, 17, 2022; Approved: July, 06, 2023; Published: February, 2024

Performance and biochemical parameters of Japanese quail blood to different levels of hydroalcoholic extract of Malva sylvestris

Ebrahim Talebi and Nikolina Rusenova

Received: March, 22, 2023; Approved: June, 19, 2023; Published: February, 2024


The effect of different essential oils on antioxidant and shelf life of traditional fermented grain beverage Turkish boza

Elif Cakir, Hatice Ebrar Kirtil and Muhammet Arici

Received: December, 03, 2021; Approved: June, 06, 2023; Published: February, 2024.

Influence of barley flour incorporation on the indicators of bread from a mixture of white wheat and rye flour

Zlatin D. Zlatev and Viktorija Stamatovska

Received: January, 20, 2022; Approved: October, 19, 2023; Published: February, 2024

Еvaluation of pepper breeding lines and accessions to Xanthomonas euvesicatoria and X. vesicatoria and fruit traits

Katya Vasileva and Velichka Todorova

Received: April, 27, 2022; Approved: February, 09, 2023; Published: February, 2024

Comparative oenological characteristics of wines from seedless coloured hybrid forms and vine varieties (Vitis vinifera L.)

Venelin Roychev, Hristo Spasov, Milena Tzanova, Neli Keranova and Dimitar Dimitrov

Received: March, 14, 2023; Approved: October, 19, 2023; Published: February, 2024

Quality of lamb musculus Semimembranosus meat in relation to cold storage duration

Nikolay Ivanov, Stayka Laleva, Теоdora Аngelova and Ivan G. Penchev

Received: October, 20, 2023; Approved: November, 06, 2023; Published: February, 2024


Key agroforestry systems in temperate climate and standardization: evidence from Bulgaria case

Ivan Bozhikin and Elka Vasileva

Received: October, 17, 2022; Approved: May, 03, 2023; Published: February, 2024


Skyscraper with vertical clusters consisting of modules that can be adapted for agricultural needs and other specific activities (education, medical care (Covid-19) and sports

Yanko Aleksandrov

Received: December, 20, 2022; Approved: April, 15, 2023; Published: February, 2024

Number 2


Marketing for rural tourism – strategy and realisation in Bulgaria

Neviana Krasteva and Desislava Alexova

Received: November, 16, 2022; Approved: February, 07, 2023; Published: April, 2024

Production Management Decision Making and Risk Analysis of Beef Cattle Breeders in Buru District, Maluku Province, Indonesia

Adolf Bastian Heatubun, Poerwaningsih S. Legowo and Michel Johan Matatula

Received: April, 15, 2022; Approved: January, 07, 2021; Published: April, 2024


Impact of belt and road initiative on supply chain resilience and sustainability in the agri-food industry

Nikola Zivlak and Nicolas Quilfen

Received: September, 05, 2022; Approved: April, 23, 2023; Published: April, 2024


Soil Bacillus spp. – a potent cell factory for antimicrobials against phytopathogens

Natalija Atanasova-Pancevska

Received: January, 09, 2023; Approved: March, 21, 2023; Published: April, 2024

Statistical dependencies of fertilizing with humate fertilizers on productive and qualitative indicators of forage from meadow legume crops

Katerina Churkova and Boryana Churkova

Received: February, 10, 2023; Approved: May, 23, 2023; Published: April, 2024

Potential of nitrogen-fixing purple non-sulfur bacteria isolated from acid sulfate soil in improvements of soil property, nutrient uptake, and yield of pineapple (Ananas comosus L. Merrill) under acidic stress

Tran Ngoc Huu, Bui The Vinh, Le Chau Tu, Do Thi Xuan and Nguyen Quoc Khuong

Thousand kernel weight of durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) over a 30-year period as affected by mineral fertilization and weather conditions

Stefka Stefanova-Dobreva and Angelina Muhova

Received: March, 23, 2023; Approved: November, 16, 2023; Published: April, 2024

Effect of increasing doses of nitrogen on nutrient uptake by oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.) in years with different weather conditions

Mária Vicianová, Ladislav Ducsay and Peter Hric

Received: June, 08, 2023; Approved: August, 10, 2023; Published: April, 2024

Degradation of dual-species biofilms using hydrolytic enzymes produced by Bacillus subtilis 170 strains

Ivo Ganchev and Georgi Dzhelebov

Received: June, 08, 2023; Approved: August, 10, 2023; Published: April, 2024

Mapping of existing incentives for soil health business models in EU – methodological approach

Dimitre Nikolov, Ivan Boevsky, Martin Banov, Ekatherina Tzvetanova and Krasimir Kostenarov

Received: January, 15, 2024; Approved: January, 22, 2024; Published: April, 2024


Observation of mulberry flowers and fruits invaded by Ciboria carunculoides with resistance of mature seeds

Fangrong Zhu, Liangqian Wei, Bingxing Wei, Rongpei Bin and Xiaoqing Chen

Received: November, 16, 2022; Approved: May, 02, 2023; Published: April, 2024


Overview of resistance and prevention to Fusarium head blight in barley

Nadezhda Sertova and Maya Ignatova

Received: December, 20, 2023; Approved: January, 03, 2024; Published: April, 2024


Evaluation of the stability and adaptability of yield in triticale varieties using non-parametric methods

Nikolay Neykov

Received: March, 15, 2021; Approved: August, 08, 2023; Published: April, 2024

Application of fluorescence spectroscopy in the determination of varietal differences after potato harvesting

Emilia Nacheva and Vanya Slavova

Received: October, 29, 2022; Approved: November, 28, 2022; Published: April, 2024

Direct reseeding of degraded grass stands with various fodder species and genotypes of perrennial legumes

Galina Naydenova and Magdalena Petkova

Received: March, 02, 2023; Approved: May, 15, 2023; Published: April, 2024

Physiological and agronomical traits evaluation of soybean accessions, part of the National collection at IPGR – Sadovo

Sofia Petrova and Radoslav Chipilski

Received: February, 22, 2023; Approved: April, 24, 2023; Published: April, 2024

Agronomic performance associated with the incidence of frost on wheat cultivars in Brazil

Diego Nicolau Follmann, Mateus Vendrame, Guilherme Bergeijer da Rosa, Emilso Damm dos Santos and Anderson Crestani Pereira

Received: April, 03, 2023; Approved: August, 20, 2023; Published: April, 2024

Mineral content of wheat bread enriched with chestnut and rosehip flour

Denka Zlateva, Dana Stefanova, Rosen Chochkov, Petya Ivanova

Received: June, 26, 2023; Approved: November, 05, 2023; Published: April, 2024


Impact of partial and total replacement of urea nitrogen instead of soybean meal protein on reproductive performance of Awassi lambs

Safwan L. Shihab

Received: October, 25, 2022; Approved: November, 22, 2022; Published: April, 2024

Hypopharyngeal glands development of worker bees (Apis mellifera L.) during supplemental feeding with various types of sugar syrups

Svilen Lazarov, Ivanka Zhelyazkova, Petya Veleva and Maria Hashinova

Received: October, 18, 2023; Approved: November, 20, 2023; Published: April, 2024

Heritability of some productive traits in animals from Ile de France sheep breed

Tanya Ivanova, Radostina Stoykova-Grigorova, Milena Bozhilova-Sakova and Deyana Gencheva

Received: October, 23, 2023; Approved: December, 02, 2023; Published: April, 2024


The potential nutritional value of root dry mass from sugar beet, fodder beet and table beet

Stanimir Enchev and Tatyana Bozhanska

Received: August, 19, 2022; Approved: March, 30, 2023; Published: April, 2024

An integrative approach to developing new tomato varieties with elevated fruit antioxidant content

Bojin Bojinov, Silviya Vasileva, Daniela Ganeva, Vasil Georgiev and Atanas Pavlov

Received: August, 10, 2023; Approved: November, 22, 2023; Published: April, 2024

Traditional Bulgarian Artemisia flavored wines – a review

Vanya Boneva, Dessislava Dimitrova, Teodora Ivanova and Neli Grozeva

Received: August, 11, 2023; Approved: October, 03, 2023; Published: April, 2024

Number 3


Does social media marketing increase the sales of organic food?

Ahmad Durbul, Peter Osiako, Firas Alarawi and Ayman Alshaabani

Received: February, 05, 2023; Approved: March, 07, 2023; Published: June, 2024

The impact of direct subsidies on the development of the lemon growing sector in Azerbaijan

Anar Hatamov

Received: Decemper, 27, 2023; Approved: February, 27, 2024; Published: June, 2024


Assessing the available silica of paddy soil on different landforms

Budy Frasetya Taufik Qurrohman, Abraham Suriadikusumah, Benny Joy and Rija Sudirja

Received: October, 10, 2022; Approved: December, 09, 2022; Published: June, 2024

Fungal suspension in combination with compost leads to changes in soil microbiota for fertility improvement

Lyudmila Kabaivanova, Lilyana Nacheva and Nikolai Dinev

Received: July, 11, 2023; Approved: March, 21, 2024; Published: June, 2024

Assessment of physical and chemical characteristics of water repellent soil profiles of Technosols from Maritsa-Iztok open-cast coal mine in Bulgaria

Plamen Ivanov, Irena Atanassova, Martin Banov and Ivaylo Kirilov

Received: April, 13, 2023; Approved: June, 12, 2023; Published: June, 2024

Effect of silicon foliar fertilization on limiting the growth of stem and root necrosis in pepper (Capsicum annum L.)

Nataliya Karadzhova

Received: October, 03, 2023; Approved: October, 27, 2023; Published: June, 2024


Faba bean and cereal crop diversification and aphid (Aphis fabae Scop.) management in the Meknes region, Morocco

Abdellatif Boutagayout, Saadia Belmalha, Atman Adiba, Kamal El Oihabi, Rachid Elbaghazaoui, Wijdane Rhioui, Laila Nassiri and El Houssine Bouiamrine

Received: July, 12, 2023; Approved: September, 19, 2023; Published: June, 2024

Vitality and longevity of perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) accessions in North Central Bulgaria

Aneliya Katova

Received: January, 11, 2024; Approved: February, 05, 2024; Published: June, 2024


Effects of the growing systems on growth and yield of high-bush blueberries (V. corymbosum L.)

Sabri Braha and Endrit Kullaj

Received: December, 01, 2022; Approved: December, 20, 2022; Published: June, 2024

Morphological, Agronomic Characteristics, and Flavonoid Content of Echinacea purpurea at Various Gamma Ray Doses

Wafa’ Nur Hanifah, Ahmad Yunus, Nandariyah and Yuli Widiyastuti

Received: November, 10, 2022; Approved: March, 05, 2023; Published: June, 2024

Diversity of common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) accessions with Bulgarian and Chinese origin

Tsvetelina Stoilova, Petar Chavdarov, Nikolaya Velcheva and Lixia Wang

Received: January, 10, 2023; Approved: June, 14, 2023; Published: June, 2024

Genotype-by-year interaction and simultaneous selection for grain yield and stability in winter barley

Boryana Dyulgerova and Nikolay Dyulgerov

Received: March, 20, 2023; Approved: July, 31, 2023; Published: June, 2024

Nitrogen doses, efficiency, and use in low-altitude hybrid corn cultivars

Rovani Marcos Rossato, Diego Nicolau Follmann, Cristian Mateus Freiberg, Eduardo Brezolim, Mateus Vendrame and Guilherme Bergeijer da Rosa

Received: April, 13, 2023; Approved: November, 22, 2023; Published: June, 2024

Formation of the corn root system depending on the norms of mineral fertilizers and biostimulants

Kobilov Nurbek and Umurzakov Elmurod

Received: July, 05, 2023; Approved: January, 22, 2024; Published: June, 2024

Study for bioinsecticidal activity of tobacco extracts against Helicoverpa armigera Hübner (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Zheko Radev and Liliya Stoyanova

Received: December, 01, 2023; Approved: December, 22, 2023; Published: June, 2024

Specialized trait collections for the different selection directions in cotton. I. Specialized trait collections for improvement of economically valuable traits

Neli Valkova, Valentina Dimitrova, Minka Koleva and Spasimira Nedyalkova

Received: October, 05, 2023; Approved: January, 29, 2024; Published: June, 2024

Productive capacities and adaptability of meadow legume crops under mountain conditions

Katerina Churkova and Boryana Churkova

Received: March, 17, 2023; Approved: May, 26, 2023; Published: June, 2024


Nutritional value of introduced bamboo used in feeding beef cows raised in the Central Balkan Mountains

Nikolay Markov, Tatyana Bozhanska and Ivan Jantcev

Received: December, 06, 2023; Approved: January, 19, 2024; Published: June, 2024


Effect of birth type on meat quality in Ile-de-France lambs

Evgeniya Achkakanova, Ivan G. Penchev and S. Georgieva

Received: November, 13, 2023; Approved: November, 20, 2023; Published: June, 2024

PCR-RFLP analysis of PGAM2 gene in two rabbit breeds

Denis Viryanski, Milena Bozhilova-Sakova, Maya Ignatova, Ivona Dimitrova and Mostafa Helal

Received: November, 21, 2023; Approved: December, 06, 2023; Published: June, 2024


The effect of three different feeding schemes on production parameters of European catfish (Silurus glanis L.) larvae reared in flow-through production system

V. Krasteva

Received: June, 12, 2023; Approved: June, 29, 2023; Published: June, 2024


Utilization of mandacaru extract, polyvinyl acetate-based glue, and cassava gum as cementing agents for pelletizing creole maize seeds with rock dust

Luan Danilo Ferreira de Andrade Melo, João Luciano de Andrade Melo Junior, Larice Bruna Ferreira Soares, Reinaldo de Alencar Paes, Jaqueline Figueredo de Oliveira Costa, Natália Marinho Silva Crisóstomo and Adriana Guimarães Duarte

Received: July, 06, 2023; Approved: November, 06, 2023; Published: June, 2024


Pulling device for harvesting of Oleaginous Flax

Volodymyr Didukh, Svitlana Yaheliuk, Volodymyr Bodak, Maksym Bodak and Olexandr Yaheliuk

Received: February, 05, 2023; Approved: July, 20, 2023; Published: June, 2024

Methods of cleaning and disinfection of drinking water in livestock farms

Мiglena Paneva and Peter Panev

Received: September, 29, 2023; Approved: February, 24, 2024; Published: June, 2024


Climate change impact on small and medium enterprises in Senegal’s semi-arid zones: a review

Alieu Gibba, Baba Libasse Sow, Kora Hamzath and Pauline Attemene

Received: February, 07, 2023; Approved: April, 23, 2023; Published: June, 2024