Supplements Volume 20

Supplement 1

Eighty Years Marine Biological Station with Aquarium in Varna

V. Bekov and D. Petrova-Klisarova

Black Sea Water Environment along the Bulgarian Coast

S. Dineva

Chemical Characterization of Brown Seaweed – Cystoseira barbata

Z. Manev, A. Iliev and V. Vachkova

Biocenological Investigations of the Macrozoobenthos in the Northern Part of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast in Depths up to 30 m

E. Petrova and S. Stoykov

Climate-Driven Changes in the Black Sea in Front of the Bulgarian Coast

S. Dineva

Determination of Heavy Metals (Pb, Cd, As and Hg) in Black Sea Grey Mullet (Mugil cephalus)

M. Stancheva, L. Makedonski and E. Petrova

Heavy Metals and Proximate Composition of Black Sea Sprat (Sprattus sprattus) and Goby (Neogobius melanostomus)

M. Stancheva, A. Merdzhanova, E. Petrova and D. Petrova

Fatty Acid Composition of Black Sea Ulva rigida and Cystoseira crinita

V. Ivanova, M. Stancheva and D. Petrova

A Whirlpool of Plastic Wastes in the Varna Bay

T. Trayanov and D. Gerdzikov

Prey Size Selectivity in Pike (Esox lucius L.) Fed with Crucian Carp (Carassius auratus gibelio L.)

T. Hubenova and A. Zaikov

Molecular Taxonomic Study of Horse Mackerel (Trachurus mediterraneus) using ITS1 Variability

F. Tserkova, D. Boyadzhieva-Doychinova, M. Gevezova, D. Petrova-Klisarova and I. Denev

Fatty Acid Composition of Fishes from Inland Waters

D. Ljubojevic, D. Trbovic, J. Lujic, O. Bjelic-Cabrilo, D. Kostic, N. Novakov and M. Cirkovic

Eustrongylidosis of European Catfish (Siluris glanis)

N. Novakov, O. Bjelic-Cabrilo, M. Cirkovic, D. Jubojevic, J. Lujic, I. Davidov and M. Jovanovic

Diversity Characteristics of the Fish Species Important for Fishery in the Waters of Serbia

V. Simic, J. Lujic, D. Kostic, M. Cirkovic, O. Bjelic-Cabrilo, S. Simic and G. Markovic

Sex Structure and Fecundity of Pontic Shad (Alosa immaculata Bennett, 1835) in the Bulgarian Sector of Danube

G. Raikova-Petrova, S. Velikova and N. Hamwi

Effect of Supplementation of Probiotic Zoovit in Diets of Calves of Milk Breed

N. Dimova, M. Baltadjieva, V. Karabashev, S. Laleva, Y. Popova, P. Slavova, J. Krastanov and G. Kalaydjiev

Effect of Adding of Probiotic „Zoovit“ at Feeding of Lambs from Breed Synthetic Population Bulgarian Milk

N. Dimova, M. Baltadjieva, V. Karabashev, S. Laleva, Y. Popova, P. Slavova, J. Krastanov and G. Kalaydjiev

Effect of Wheat Dry Distiller’s Grain in Compound Feeds for Broiler Chickens on Productive and Slaughter Traits

I. Ivanova, V. Georgieva and M. Lalev

Growth Parameters of the Black Sea sprat (Sprattus sprattus L.) during the Period November 2010 – March 2012 along the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

F. Tserkova

Investigation on the Thermal Shock in Pike (Esox lucius L.) Fingerlings

T. Hubenova and A. Zaikov

Age Composition and Growth Rate of the Spawning Part of the Population of Pontic Shad Alosa immaculata (Bennett, 1835) in the Bulgarian Sector of Danube River

D. Rozdina, G. Raikova-Petrova and P. Mirtcheva

Supplement 2

Development of Multiplex Primer Sets for Cost Efficient Ssr Genotyping of Maize (Zea Mays) Mapping Populations on a Capillary Sequencer

S. Tsonev, M. Velichkova, E. Todorovska, V. Avramova and N. K. Christov

Agrobacterium – Mediated Genetic Transformation of the Resurrection Plant Haberlea rhodopensis Friv.

G. Petrova and D. Djilianov

Effect of Chilling and Freezing Stresses on Jasmonate Content in Arabis alpina

M. Kolaksazov, F. Laporte, K. Ananieva, P. Dobrev, M. Herzog and E. D. Ananiev

Effect of ABA Pretreatment on Chloroplasts Structure in Hypericum Rumeliacum Boiss. Plants Subjected to Cryopreservation

D. Koleva, Ts. Ganeva and M. Stefanova

Sub-Cellular Fractionation and Gel-Based Proteomics of Haberlea rhodopensis: a Promising Approach to Open the Black Box of Resurrection Plants

P. Mladenov, D. Zasheva, D. Peshev, N. K. Christov, N. Rolland, D. Djilianov and M. Tchorbadjieva

Terpenoid Profile of Artemisia alba is Related to Endogenous Cytokinins in vitro

S. Krumova, V. Motyka, P. Dobrev, M. Todorova, A. Trendafilova, L. Evstatieva and K. Danova

Nitric Oxide-Scavenging Activity of in vitro Cultured Balkan Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

A. Mehandzhiyski, D. Batovska, D. Dimitrov, L. Evstatieva and K. Danova

Changes in Arabinogalactan Proteins During Somatic Embryogenesis in Suspension in vitro Cultures of Dactylis glomerata L.

L. Zagorchev, R. Stoineva and M. Odjakova

Drought Induced Damages of Photosynthesis in Bean and Plantain Plants Analyzed in vivo by Chlorophyll a Fluorescence

V. Krasteva, V. Alexandrov, M. Chepisheva, S. Dambov, D. Stefanov, I. Yordanov and V. Goltsev

Study of Primary Photosynthetic Reactions in Winter Wheat Cultivars after Cold Hardening and Freezing. Effect of Salicylic Acid

P. Sasheva, R. Yordanova, T. Janda, G. Szalai and L. Maslenkova

Callus Cultures and Indirect Regeneration of Ruscus hypoglossum in vitro

T. Vanova, D. Dimitrova, G. Angelov, Ch. Gussev, Y. Bosseva and T. Stoeva

The Salinity Effect on Morphology and Pigments Content in Three Paulownia Clones Grown ex vitro

K. Miladinova, K. Ivanova, T. Georgieva, M. Geneva and Y. Markovska

Effect of 6-benzylaminopurine on Micropropagation of Artemisia chamaemelifolia Vill. (Asteraceae)

L. Hristova, E. Damyanova, Z. Doichinova and V. Kapchina-Toteva

Influence of the Extraction Conditions over the Antioxidant Activity of Carduus thoermeri

D. Mihaylova, L. Georgieva, I. Zhelev and I. Dimitrova-Dyulgerova

Study of Proteases and Protease Inhibitors from Streptomyces strains

K. Kalchev, Y. Rabadjiev, D. Ganchev, M. Tsenova, I. Iliev and I. Ivanova

Abundance and Activity of Soil Actinomycetes from Livingston Island, Antarctica

M. Encheva, N. Zaharieva, A. Kenarova, N. Chipev, V. Chipeva, P. Hristova, I. Ivanova and P. Moncheva

Antibiotic Complex, Produced by an Antarctic Actinomycete Strain S. Anulatus 39 LBG09

D. Dimitrova, P. Dorkov and B. Gocheva

Study of the Antibacterial Activity of Bacterial Strains from Genus Bacillus against the Phytopathogenic Xanthomonas vesicatoria

T. Licheva, M. Badalova, V. Savov, Y. Evstatieva and D. Nikolova

Identification of Xanthomonas Strains from Tomato and Pepper and Their Sensitivity to Antibiotics and Copper

Y. Kizheva, T. Vancheva, P. Hristova, M. Stoyanova, M. Stojanovska, P. Moncheva and N. Bogatzevska

Anticorrosion Effect of Biofilm Forming by Lactobacillus Strains on Metal Surfaces

T. Ignatova-Ivanova and R. Ivanov

API ZYM Enzymatic Profile of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Traditional Bulgarian Meat Product “Lukanka”

S. Stoyanovski, Z. Gacovski, S. Antonova-Nikolova, N. Kirilov, I. Ivanova, T. Tenev and V. Hadjinesheva

Classification of Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus phage Gb1 into Group “b” Lactobacillus delbrueckii Bacteriophages Based on its Partial Genome Sequencing

V. Aleksandrova, D. Ishlimova and Z. Urshev

Starter Cultures for Production of Yoghurt from Sheep’s Milk with Extended Shelf Life

T. Zvancharova, K. Baltova and Z. Urshev

In vivoAntioxidant Activity Evaluation of Peptides Produced during the Fermentation of Yoghourt-Like Dairy Products

V. Aleksandrova, G. Chikov, G. Velikova, M. DimItrov and S. G. Dimov

Lactic Acid Fermentation with Encapsulated Lactobacillus casei ssp. rhamnosus ATCC 11979 (NBIMCC 1013) in Alginate/Chitosan Matrices

B. Goranov, D. Blazheva, G. Kostov, Z. Denkova and Y. Germanova

In vitro Assessment of Prebiotic Utilization by Dairy Lactobacilli

R. Tropcheva, J. Hristova, R. Georgieva, A. Salageanu, D. N. Sgouras and S. Danova

Antimicrobial Activity of Lactobacillus plantarum X2 against Pathogenic Microorganisms

R. Denkova, S. Ilieva, D. Nikolova, Y. Evstatieva, Z. Denkova, M. Yordanova and V. Yanakieva

Fast Acidifying Urease-Deficient Streptococcus thermophilus Isolate Shows Spontaneous Deletion of its Complete Urease Operon

N. Ninova-Nikolova and Z. Urshev

Enhancement of Xylanase Production by Sol-gel Immobilization of Aspergillus awamori K-1

M. Yordanova, Y. Evstatieva, G. Chernev, S. Ilieva, R. Denkova and D. Nikolova

New Hybrid Matrix for Immobilization of Trichoderma viride SL-45

Y. Evstatieva, M. Badalova, G. Chernev, D. Nikolova and V. Savov

Encapsulation of Brewing Yeast in Alginate/Chitosan Matrix: Comparative Study of Beer Fermentation with Immobilized and Free Cells

V. Naydenova, S. Vassilev, M. Kaneva and G. Kostov

Effect of Nanodiamonds on Model Azo-Detoxification Process Applied in the Critical Technological Situations

M. V. Belouhova, I. D. Schneider and Y. I. Topalova

Enzyme Activities as a Tool for Biological Control in Dairy Wastewater Treatment

I. Schneider and Y. Topalova

Evaluation of the Self-Purification in the Waters of the Micro-Dams in the Small Hydroelectric Power Plants (Hepps) Lakatnik and Svrazhen: Potential of the Bioalgorithms

I. Yotinov, S. Lincheva, L. Kenderov, I. Schneider and Y. Topalova

Dynamics of the Functional Structure of the Sediment Microflora During the Model Process of Phenol Biodegradation

S. Lincheva, I. Schneider and Y. Topalova

Sambucus ebulus L. Fruit Aqueous Infusion Modulates GCL and GPx4 Gene Expression

O. Tasinov, Y. Kiselova-Kaneva and D. Ivanova

Electrokinetic Potential of Pea Thylakoid Membranes under Static Magnetic Field (2t) Treatment: Role of Iron Ions and Light Exposure

E. Ivanova, V. Doltchinkova and Ch. Roumenin

Ammonium Vanadate Decreases Viability and Proliferation of Cultured Retrovirus-Transformed Chicken Hepatoma Cells

A. M. Abudalleh, T. Zhivkova, L. Dyakova, B. Andonova-Lilova and R. Alexandrova

Changes in the Actin Cytoskeleton and Actin-Associated Proteins in HeLa Cells as a Result of E. coli O157:Н7 Infection

T. Topouzova-Hristova, S. Stoitsova, T. Paunova-Krasteva, J. Doumanov and E. Stephanova

Establishment and Characterization of Stably Transfected MDCK Cell Line, Expressing hBest1 Protein

K. Mladenova, V. Moskova-Doumanova, I. Tabashka, S. Petrova, Z. Lalchev and J. Doumanov

Influence of Complement Activation on Established Zymosan-Induced Arthritis

L. Belenska, P. Dimitrova and N. Ivanovska

Influence of Sodium Nitroprusside as a Donor of Nitric Oxide on Atpase Activity of Rat Liver Mitochondria

M. Shkodrova, M. Chichova, D. Ganchev, I. Sazdova and I. Minkov

Agrimonia eupatoria L. Extract Modulates Glutamate-Cysteine Ligase and Glutathione Peroxidase Expression in 3T3-L1 Cells

D. Ivanova, O. Tasinov, D. Vankova and Y. Kiselova-Kaneva

Cystathionine Gamma–Lyase as a Regulator of Resistance Artery Contraction under Normal and Hyperglycemic Conditions

R. Emilova, D. Dimitrova, V. Georgiev, T. Daneva and H. S. Gagov

Interaction of Cells with Modified Polyethylenglycol Surfaces

A. Kostadinova, N. Zaekov and I. Keranov

Subchronic Toxicity Study of Ethanol Infusion from Cotinus coggygria Wood in Rats

D. Ivanova, D. Pavlov, M. Eftimov, K. Kalchev, M. Nashar, M. Tzaneva and S. Valcheva-Kuzmanova

Changes in Rat Testis and Sperm Count after Acute Treatment with Sodium Nitrite

E. Pavlova, D. Dimova, E. Petrova, Y. Gluhcheva and N. Atanassova

Comparative Anti-Herpes effects of the Chloroform in vitro and in vivo Extracts, Derived from Lamium album L.

D. Todorov, M. Dimitrova, K. Shishkova, Zh. Yordanova, V. Kapchina-Toteva and S. Shishkov

Milk Protein Polymorphism in Bulgarian Grey Cattle Population

B. Neov, D. Teofanova, L. Zagorchev, G. Radoslavov and P. Hristov

Electrophoretic Characterization of Milk Proteins from Bulgarian Rhodopean Cattle

L. Zagorchev, M. Dimitrova, M. Odjakova, D. Teofanova and P. Hristov

Solid Phase Extraction and HPLC Determination of Phloridzin in Natural Products

A. Marchev, I. Ivanov, R. Vrancheva and A. Pavlov

Survey and Health Assessment of New Cosmetic Product Based on Natural Ingredients

N. Gerginova, E. Ivanova, K. Bozhanchev, S. Geneva and A. Tachev


The Ecological and floristic Characteristics of Populations of Sideritis scardica Slavyanka Mountain

I. Aneva, P. Zhelev, L. Evstatieva and D. Dimitrov

SCI “Zapadna Stara Planina and Predbalkan” – Floristic Studies on Xerothermic Oak Forests

N. Georgieva,K. Pachedjieva and M. Lyubenova

Contribution to the Chorological Data of Some Aquatic Plants in Bulgaria

A. Tosheva and I. Traykov

Climate-Growth Relationship of Pinus nigra Tree-Ring Width Chronology from the Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria

V. Shishkova and M. Panayotov

Xylogenesis of Pinus heldreichii and Pinus peuce in Pirin Mts

A. Ivanova,Y. Todorova, P. Rangelova and M. Panayotov

Bulgarian Black Sea Gobies as Important Object in the Commercial Fishing

V. Zarev, A. Apostolou, B. Velkov and M. Vassilev

Representatives of Dactylogyridae Family of the Monogenea Class in Gold Fish (Carassius auratus auratus) Imported in Bulgaria from Singapore

E. V. Borisov

Dactylogyrus volfi Lucky, 1970 Found on Barbus tetrazona (Bleeker, 1855) in Bulgaria

E. V. Borisov

Structure of the Zooplankton Communities from Several Water Bodies in Natura 2000 Zones

M. Tisheva and D. Kozuharov


Distribution of Crayfish and Crabs in the Upper Reaches of the Kamchiya River, Bulgaria

E. Stoynov, D. Parvanov and A. Grozdanov

Overview on the Distribution and Communities of Edraianthus serbicus in Bulgaria

K. Vassilev, A. Asenov and I. Apostolova

Present Distribution and Conservation Specifics of the Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus Linnaeus, 1758) in Southwest Bulgaria

E. Stoynov, A. Grozdanov, H. Peshev and D. Peshev

Habitat Variables Associated with Wolf (Canis lupus L.) Distribution and Abundance in Bulgaria

D. Zlatanova and E. Popova

Macrophytes Mapping and Spatial Heterogeneity of Some Physicochemical Parameters in Ognyanovo Reservoir

M. Savchovska, A. Tosheva and I. Traykov

Ecology Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

Structure of Old-growth Pinus heldreichii Forests in Pirin Mountains

P. Rangelova and M. Panayotov

Application of Trophic Indices in Ecological State Assessment of Riverine Water Bodies

M. Kerakova, M. Ihtimanska and E. Varadinova

Short-Time Effect of Heavy Metals Stress on Key Enzyme Indicators in River Sediments

Y. Todorova and Y. Topalova

Changes in Biological and Physicochemical Parameters of River Water in a Small Hydropower Reservoir Cascade

P. Mihailova, I. Traykov, A. Tosheva and M. Nachev

Biological Education

The Essay as a Tool for Motivation and Assessment of Students (Future Teachers in Biology)

K. Yotovska and A. Asenova

Design of Video Lecture in Biology Teacher Training

A. Asenova